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Avengers 5 Theory: How Doctor Strange 2 Sets Up The Franchise

By Mabel Judith Andrady
May 12,2022

What is the Avengers 5 theory about? Audiences around the world were finally able to jump through multiple universes with veteran and novice Avengers Doctor Strange and America Chavez as they attempted to evade Scarlet Witch’s wrath in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. It’s hard to pick a favorite moment in the film, but the post-credits scene has to be up there as one of the most memorable. Many people around the world were left scratching their heads at this teaser.

That group isn’t going to make you feel bad about yourself. The tag seemed rushed and threw an entirely unknown protagonist at viewers without giving them much time to process what was happening.

In the words of Charlize Theron, “You caused an incursion, and we’re gonna fix it.” may seem insignificant, but they have a profound impact. Those are the kind of words that could lead to the Avengers 5 theory coming true.

Clea’s Immediate Problem

Who Is Clea_

When it comes to those final moments of Multiverse of Madness, let’s recap what exactly happens.

We return to New York City for a final scene with Doctor Strange strolling the streets after the snazzy animated credits have finished. Benedict Cumberbatch’s hero gets a visitor instead of being swamped by his third eye in the closing moments of the film.

Clea, Charlize Theron’s character in the film, reappears from nowhere. Her blade, probably made of dark dimension energy, strikes a hole out of thin air and she informs him that he has provoked an invasion, a mistake she intends to correct.

Given Reed Richards’ comments earlier in the film, an invasion is not a laughing matter. When it comes to the Avengers: Endgame-level events of the future, this word is a surefire path.

However, what exactly is this occurrence called? The only one I can think of is Secret Wars.

The Unfortunate Incidents

Sinister Strange

Sinister Strange

It’s no coincidence that the massive multiverse-spanning comic book event of 2015 is directly linked to the term “incursion.”

Even though there are other Secret Wars titled events, the name-drop of ‘incursions’ indicates that Marvel will most likely draw inspiration from Jonathan Hickman’s 2015 comic book run.

Throughout the Multiverse, incursions accelerate the end of all existence in the comic book storyline. Parallel Earths are the collision points for the two parallel realities that are stuck in the phenomenon due to a contradiction in the timeline of the Multiverse. Once they collide, both universes are wiped out.

It gets worse and worse as events pile up, and intrusions become more and more frequent as the situation worsens. It’s so bad that, in the end, all universes will be wiped out.

Battleworld is a patchwork world containing bits and pieces from multiple universes that Doctor Doom creates to save the entire cosmos from destruction.

Mixing it up with Clea



Does this mean that Secret Wars is just around the corner, and are Marvel fans about to witness Avengers 5 theory coming true right in front of their eyes?

In the comics, Clea has no connection to incursions taking place in Secret Wars as the Multiverse comes to an end, and that’s the first thing we should notice. Her inclusion would be a first for the MCU, but it’s nothing new for the studio.

Clea also opens a doorway to the Dark Dimension, which hasn’t been seen since the first Doctor Strange film. In addition, it is important to note that this is not a parallel universe. A dimension is what you’re referring to. One would assume that each dimension connects to only a limited number of universes, even if it hasn’t been explicitly stated that this is the case.

When Charlize Theron says that Doctor Strange “caused an incursion,” she’s probably referring to the MCU-Prime, rather than a random location where Strange fell through with Chavez. This indicates that Universe-616 may be on the verge of extinction.

The next step for Strange is unclear

Doctor Strange 616

What does all of this mean for the time being? There are a number of reasons why Strange is expected to gain a better understanding of the Incursion. That being said, it would be fantastic if such discoveries could be seen on screen rather than only in books.

The Illuminati were the first to learn of the incursions in the comics, which fits nicely with Multiverse of Madness’ depiction of that group. He may form his own secretive group of mysterious super-powered individuals to protect 616 from whatever it is that is bringing about the end of the Multiverse once Strange gets up close and personal with it. As a result, there is little chance that fans have witnessed an end to the Illuminati ‘s reign.

There’s a post-credits scene in Multiverse of Madness that, combined with previous mentions of incursions, suggests that the movie’s Infinity War-style appearance of the Space Stone is a precursor. Secret Wars, if it ever happens, is probably a few years away at this point.

However, the lengthy preparations will serve to heighten the impact of the event itself when it finally takes place.

Previously Conceived and Executed

Secret Wars X-Men


Over time, speculated theories about a massive Secret Wars project, which could be Avengers 5, have been rampant. Many Marvel fans have suspected that Hickman’s massive event would be the next target since Loki opened the Multiverse and He Who Remains spoke of a Multiversal war that would put an end to the universe as we know it.

If the MCU’s creatives want to keep as much of their original material as possible, they’ll be doing their best to do so in Avengers: Infinity War, too. It’s not clear, however, why Secret Wars was chosen over any other event. Even if you don’t intend to raise the stakes above Endgame, the scope of this project is enormous.

According to ComicsBolt, Marvel Comics’ 2015 comic storyline does not include Kang the Conqueror, a villain who has been hinted at as the next Thanos. Is it possible that he’ll be eliminated by then? Who will play Jonathan Majors in Marvel Studios’ version of the comic book superhero? Let’s hope he doesn’t take Victor Von Doom’s place. Hopefully.

In light of the Multiverse’s success as a storytelling platform, Marvel Studios is likely to continue to experiment with it before threatening to wipe it out. When it comes to future cameo appearances, Secret Wars provides endless possibilities. Perhaps Marvel will go with the Russo Brothers, who have been rumored to be in charge of the big event.

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