Baby Yoda’s Past Might Be Revealed In Old Star Wars Comic

The Star Wars galaxy’s lore is rich and forever expanding. There are countless number of characters who have been introduced in animated shows and comics

By Kunal Sharma
February 21,2021
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The Star Wars galaxy’s lore is rich and forever expanding. There are countless number of characters who have been introduced in animated shows and comics all over the years. Not to mention that there are multiple events and practises that have been canonized thanks to the later movies and comics. As such, it looks like one such comic may have predicted Grogu’s coming in The Mandalorian.

Did A Comic Predict Grogu In The Mandalorian?

Grogu, or Baby Yoda as he is more popularly known in The Mandalorian fandom was the biggest surprise reveal of the Disney+ show. Many consider him to be a new character who wasn’t introduced before. But now it looks like a comic book could have given a hint about Grogu’s existence before he turned up on the show.

But before we dive into the comics, we need to talk about the Jedi order and how they have shady recruitment practices. This was first revealed in The Phantom Menace movie. However, this practice was ignored in the movies.

But, what couldn’t be fully explored in a 2-3 hour movie got explored in the comics. This comic anthology, which is now non-canon was released by Dark Horse. Here, each of the issues told a different story.

What Did This Comic Book Show That Predicted Grogu?

The comic book anthology was called Star War Tales. The issues addressed various characters from the Star Wars franchise. There were tales centered on Han Solo or even a random stormtrooper. In issue #13 we saw Mace Windu in a time paradox, having to go after a murderer and teaching his padawan, Depa Billaba about Sith.

As he is talking to his padawan in the beautiful Jedi nursery, she lets him know about the dreams she was having of her parents (or those that she thinks are actually her parents). Mace then rebuked her for still harbouring such attachments.

But as they are talking, one infant gets stolen by Vianna D’Pow, a bounty hunter. Mace thinks that she will sell the kid on the notorious black market. However, Vianna reveals that she got hired and called up by the actual parents who ended up regretting the decision to leave their child with the Jedi.

Mace then lets her go but makes sure to return the kid to the original parents. In the last panel, we see a new message from Windu’s own parents, expressing their desire to meet him.

It’s a really heartfelt story. However, the actual intriguing thing for us isn’t in the plot, but in the background. In one of the panels showing the sweet Jedi nursery, there’s a very familiar pair of green ears peeking out.

One could conclude that those ears could be of Baby Yoda. But we must remind you that this comic isn’t canon. However, it does open up a tonne of possibilities. After all, maybe The Mandalorian S3 will end up exploring Grogu’s origins.

If that happens, then it would add great context to the Jedi’s recruitment practices. After all, the almighty Jedi stealing babies will in fact prove what Ahsoka said- that the Jedi are not fully the good guys that the galaxy considers them to be.

So this will shift the entire direction of the show as Din Djarin will realize that Grogu’s won’t really be benefiting from the Jedi training. As such, in a shocking turn of events, Luke Skywalker will become the villain. Of course, this is a long shot and maybe we are reaching here, but it will be an amazing plotline to explore in the upcoming season.

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