Bad Bunny’s Marvel Movie ‘El Muerto’ Faces Delay In Development

Puerto Rican Rapper Bad Bunny’s Marvel Movie, El Muerto, Faces Delay As The Film Remains At A Standstill In Development.

By Amitabh Mukherji
April 10,2023

The upcoming Sony Spider-Man spin-off film El Muerto starring Bad Bunny as Juan-Carlos Sanchez, the titular Spider-Man villain, has been hit with another delay. The highly-anticipated Marvel movie has been shrouded in mystery, with little information released besides the initial announcement. With its original release date less than a year away, a discouraging update from the rapper’s publicist likely did not come as much of a surprise.

The Standstill In Development

Bad Bunny's El Muerto Spider-Man Spin-Off May Be Delayed
Bad Bunny’s El Muerto Spider-Man Spin-Off May Be Delayed

In a recent TIME profile on Bad Bunny, the artist’s publicist revealed that El Muerto is currently “at a standstill,” even though the film is still technically set to release in January 2024. Rumors indicate that this date will not be met, which is not surprising given the lack of any significant announcements besides the film’s star.

When the project was announced, Bad Bunny considered the role of Juan-Carlos Sanchez as “perfect” for him given his history with Wrestlemania, as the character is also a wrestler in the movie. However, after pretending to be confused, the rapper revealed that filming has not started yet.

Is El Muerto’s Future Bleak?

El Muerto

The standstill in development raises the question of whether the movie could ever come to fruition. While the rapper’s publicist has clarified that the film is still in development and not yet canceled, it is almost certain that it will not make its original release date.

The release date delay is not uncommon in the film industry, but given that filming has not started, the “standstill” comment seems to have some level of truth to it. The publicist’s correction from “at a standstill” to “in development” indicates that work is ongoing, but how long it will take for the movie to release remains uncertain.

A Possible Delayed Release Date

Who Is El Muerto_ Bad Bunny’s Sony_Marvel Anti-Hero
El Muerto

The delayed release of El Muerto may have a knock-on effect on the upcoming Madame Web movie, which could release before or after the Spider-Man spin-off. The lack of updates or publicity for El Muerto has left fans in the dark and created speculation about the film’s future.

In conclusion, the delay of El Muerto’s release date and the “standstill” in development have created uncertainty and disappointment among fans. It remains to be seen when the movie will release and whether it will live up to expectations.