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Batman vs Moon Knight Is The First Actual DC vs. Marvel Battle Of 2022

By Mabel Judith Andrady
January 19,2022

Marvel Studios and DC Films will square off in 2022. Here, a Batman vs Moon Knight will serve as the first no-holds-barred match. Following the upheaval of the previous two years, Disney, and Warner Bros. Discovery is eager to get back on track. The box office success of Spider-Man: No Way Home has proven that superhero fatigue is a myth. As a result, both studios are now concentrating on the superhero genre.

2022 appears to be the year that the greatest comic book versus comic book showdown of all time will occur. Fans will be stoked to know that Batman vs Moon Knight will be brought to life. The two comic book companies have always had a friendly rivalry, with writers and artists moving between them; at times, their ties have been strong enough for them to publish actual crossover stories. This includes the famous DC Versus Marvel miniseries from 1996. However, the comics have inspired a slew of popular films and television shows. And the rivalry is playing out on both the big and small screens, as fans compete to see who will have the best-performing film or television series.

Most of the focus has been on the big screen. This is especially the case since both Marvel Studios and DC Films appear to be discovering the multiverse. This, and even using it for a relevant story purpose, bringing back past repetitions of popular characters like Spider-Man and Batman. However, following the release of the first Moon Knight trailer, a new rivalry has erupted, pitting a film against the first MCU Disney+ TV show, set to premiere in 2022. It’s time for a Batman vs Moon Knight to square off.

Both Moon Knight and Batman will be released in 2022.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight

The Batman vs Moon Knight match is the result of a scheduling snafu on Disney’s part. The Batman is set to hit theaters on March 4, 2022. And it’s obvious that marketing is doing a great job promoting Robert Pattinson’s take on the Dark Knight. Doctor Strange 2 was postponed so The Batman wouldn’t have to worry about a big Marvel film coming out just a few weeks later. This is all thanks to changes to Marvel’s film schedule.

However, Disney has confirmed that MCU content will be released in March 2022. And the first episode of Moon Knight will premiere on Disney+ on March 30. It’s an interesting choice of dates. This is because it means the show will premiere during Easter, and Moon Knight has a strong focus on death and resurrection. The Batman vs Moon Knight match, on the other hand, isn’t a fluke.

Moon Knight & Batman Are Similar

Robert Pattison Batman

This superhero vs. superhero match has a certain amount of irony to it. Moon Knight is frequently compared to Marvel’s Batman; both are wealthy vigilantes who rely on martial arts and gadgets rather than superhuman abilities. Furthermore, the best Batman and Moon Knight stories explore the heroes’ tortured minds. This brings Bruce Wayne to the verge of mental breakdown and delves into Marc Spector’s own dissociative identity disorder.

While Batman has a “no killing” policy, Moon Knight will happily murder enemies and even random thugs on the street. For this reason, the comparison isn’t entirely fair. As a result, they are treated very differently in their respective superhero universes: Batman is a major figure in the Justice League. Meanwhile, Moon Knight is an outcast who has been rejected by the heroes. Captain America was willing to work with the Punisher, but not with Moon Knight during the superhero “Civil War” published by Marvel Comics in 2006.

Moon Knight and Batman both use violence in similar ways.


In the first DC vs. Marvel battle of 2022, however, these differences will be minimized. The actor suggests that the various fights in the film are intensely personal because the character is essentially working out his own anger. Pattinson’s Dark Knight seethes with violent rage against crime; it’s a radically different portrayal of Batman. Batman fights a thug with a series of punches in one of the trailers; the thug falls to the ground, and Batman crouches over him, pummeling him even though he’s unable to defend himself.

This matches a scene in the Moon Knight trailer in which Moon Knight crouches over a defeated foe and continues to pound them. That particular shot appears to have been inspired by Jeff Lemire’s Moon Knight run. And it certainly left readers unsure whether the vigilante was about to kill an actual villain – or an innocent who had the misfortune of being misinterpreted in Marc Spector’s delusions. Both The Batman film and Disney’s Moon Knight show appear to take a similar approach to violence, resulting in a dark tone.

The Moon Knight and The Batman are exactly what Marvel and DC require

The Battle of the Capes

The Battle of the Capes

The Batman and the Moon Knight, ironically, are exactly what DC and Marvel require in 2022. The former is a step away from the shared universe model that has dominated the superhero genre since 2008. Furthermore, it stands a good chance of reviving the Batman brand, which has been mired in the DCEU’s behind-the-scenes drama for years. The Batman has spawned two spinoff TV shows for HBO Max, indicating Warner Bros. Discovery’s confidence in director Matt Reeves’ film.

Meanwhile, the trailer for Moon Knight promotes the show as a refreshing break from a formula that was on the verge of becoming stale. It’s the first Disney+ TV show since WandaVision to feel stylistically distinct from the mainstream MCU and far less “safe” than Hawkeye or Loki. That makes it a risk for Marvel Studios. However, it’s one they need to take. This is because they need to show they can break free from the standard formula before it starts to constrain them rather than empower them.

The exciting Batman vs Moon Knight Battle

Moon Knight vs. The Batman Is The First Real Marvel vs. DC Battle Of 2022

Moon Knight vs. The Batman Is The First Real Marvel vs. DC Battle Of 2022

As a result, the first DC vs. Marvel showdown in 2022 promises to be a thrilling one. It is based on the grim, and gruesome violence of street-level vigilantes, rather than the multiverse’s spectacle. Batman appears to be the start of an entirely new universe. This one is based on Matt Reeves’ vision of the Dark Knight, making it the most significant Batman film in decades. Moon Knight, on the other hand, exists within the MCU, adding a new, darker dimension to a world that fans are already familiar with. The Batman is still the most thrilling, owing to Robert Pattinson’s enthralling chemistry with Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman. However, it’s a close call.

Of course, the fans’ focus on a superhero versus match is likely a distraction from what’s really going on here. The reality is that a film and a television show aren’t really in direct competition. In any case, there’s enough of a gap between The Batman and Moon Knight episode 1 for neither to set back the other. Rather, the coincidental nature of these live-action superhero films going head-to-head is advantageous – particularly to Disney.

Viewers who enjoy The Batman will naturally want to find more gritty, brutal, and violent superhero action adventures to scratch that itch. Meanwhile, Disney+ will deliver just a few weeks later, launching a TV show that can capitalize on The Batman’s success. “A rising tide lifts all boats,” as the adage goes. This, of course, applies to Moon Knight and The Batman.