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Baywatch Star Donna D’Errico Steals Our Breath Away With New Bikini Albums

By Celeb Staff
February 26,2022

Donna D’Errico sizzles like a modelling beauty in her new Instagram pictures. The 53-year-old looks marvellously young and alluring. It is as if she hasn’t aged a bit since appearing in the 1990s show Baywatch as lifeguard Donna Marco. But these stellar looks never made it on their own. The platinum blonde actually took the reins of becoming young again by undergoing a number of cosmetic surgeries back in 2017.

The Cosmetic Surgeries Donna Underwent To Embrace A New Bewitching Body

It took Donna several kinds of cosmetic superficial improvements to get her flawless Baywatch body back. Her surgeries required her to get a total of 2 litres of fat removed. In addition, she also got an arm lift, back liposuction, and a little tummy tuck to complete the perfect physique. 

Alum Donna

The surgery also transferred the fact extracted from her body into her butt, so the actress could properly flaunt her back with that bubble butt.

Donna Shares Her Enchanting New Look On Instagram 

The brand new series of pictures shows Donna exposing her amazing figure. She is wearing a white bikini that reveals all her perfect curves. The blonde is also carrying a Neapolitan umbrella. In a video that highlighted her seductive body, she is seen twirling the umbrella in her hands. 

Her stunning physique goes well with her beautiful hair that she leaves down. She finishes the look with nude stilettos and smoking hot makeup that gives us no room to catch a breath.

Donna pairs her sensational new pictures with a caption that gives a shout-out to the Naples shop from where she got her floral umbrella.

The caption read: “I never knew umbrellas could be masterpieces! Look at this one I’m holding. The photos just don’t do it justice. It is exquisite. Handcrafted in Italy by master craftsman. @mario_talarico_since_1860. I’m almost afraid to use it!”

Donna D’Errico’s Early Life And Professional Career 

Donna originally rose to stardom when she made it to the centerfold piece in the 1995 Playboy Playmate magazine. It was not long after that when she won the role of Donna Marco on Baywatch. She continued playing the character in the show for two seasons till 1998. The year 1996 was particularly flourishing for her.

Donna D’Errico stepped into a new journey of her life as she married Nikki Sixx, the bassist from Motley Crue. She met Nikki through a mutual friend she had on the sets of Baywatch actor, Pamela Anderson. Pamela, in fact, was happily married to Tommy Lee, Nikki’s bandmate. Shortly after, they completed their family when she gave birth to her daughter, Frankie Jean. 

But their marriage saw a fallout after 10 years, and the couple ended up separating in 2006. The actress came into limelight again a few years back when she opened up about the broken marriage. In an appearance on Million Dollar Matchmaker, Donna revealed that Nikka might have been unfaithful, and that was what ruined their marriage. She was quoted saying:

“You know, what I got was: “Well, what does she expect? She married a rockstar. She should’ve gone in knowing this was going to happen.” 

Donna’s acting career never sees a dull moment as she constantly tries to live a fulfilling life. The actress even made a cameo in shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

While there is no evident proof about why Donna and Nikki separated, we continue to root for the actress. It is lovely to see her feel confident and appealing in her new body. Not only that, we are looking forward to see her flaunt her drop-dead looks in any upcoming projects.

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