Ben Affleck Reveals Shocking Truth About Zack Snyder’s Directing: Intuition Overrated?

Ben Affleck Praises Director Zack Snyder’s Directing Skills And Describes His Approach To Filmmaking, Casting, And Decision-Making

By Amitabh Mukherji
May 8,2023

Ben Affleck, the star of Batman, has opened up about his experience working with director Zack Snyder on Justice League and The Snyder Cut. Affleck is set to make his final appearance as the Caped Crusader in The Flash, while Snyder departed from the DC Universe after releasing Zack Snyder’s Justice League, his true vision for DC’s super-powered squad.

The two have worked together on three occasions, with Affleck playing Bruce Wayne in both versions of Justice League and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice under Snyder’s watch. Affleck praised Snyder’s directing skills, commending his intuition, decisiveness, and taste.

Intuitive Filmmaking

Zack Snyder

During a Q&A session following the screening of Zack Snyder’s Justice League at the Zack Snyder Full Circle Event in Pasadena, California, Affleck expressed his admiration for Snyder’s casting choices and the work the actors had done since. He credited Snyder for being so “intuitive” as a filmmaker and having a unique taste, stating that he didn’t know if it was something that could be learned or taught.

Affleck also praised Snyder’s ability to stand strong with his decisions, not being clouded by external opinions or thoughts. He appreciated the director’s clarity and strong opinions, describing it as a wonderful experience to work with someone like that.

Streamlined Casting Process

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Affleck also noted Snyder’s streamlined casting process, which didn’t involve numerous auditions or a circus-like atmosphere. He expressed his desire for a straightforward approach, saying he just wanted to know if he was wanted for the movie or not, and that it was refreshing to work with a director who had a clear vision and knew where they were going.

Affleck closed by highlighting Snyder’s ability to trust his instincts and make decisive, self-assured decisions. He found it calming to have a director who knew where they were going, and he trusted everything Snyder did with his movies.

Possible Reunion?

Ben Affleck And Zack Snyder

While it is unlikely that Affleck and Snyder will reunite under the DC Universe, Affleck’s relationship with Snyder has been well-documented over the years. Snyder helped bring Affleck out of a dark place, and the actor has always been open about his experience with the DCEU, both positive and negative. There is always a possibility that they may team up again in other movies, especially with Snyder’s diligent work in pushing out new material.