Ben Kingsley To Return To MCU as Wonder Man In New Disney Plus Series

Marvel’s rumored TV adaptation of the famous figure Simon Williams, alias Wonder Man, has been shrouded in mystery since June, but the show now has

By Rishabh Shandilya
August 31,2022
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Marvel’s rumored TV adaptation of the famous figure Simon Williams, alias Wonder Man, has been shrouded in mystery since June, but the show now has recognized the former as a confirmed cast member.

MCU has confirmed that Kingsley would return as Trevor Slattery in the new Wonder Man TV miniseries, however, it is unclear what purpose Slattery will have in the production. After playing the surrealistic role in 2013’s Iron Man 3 as well as, following a lengthy sabbatical, in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, the Academy Award-winning performer will be returning to the role for the third time in this franchise.

Trevor Slattery in Shang Chi
Trevor Slattery in Shang Chi

The Series is Still Lacking a Title

This latest development does little to change the fact that Wonder Man still lacks a big draw ie the show’s title. It’s an unusual situation for the production since comedian Nathan Fillion is not just the favorite of a growing fanbase for the character but also the de facto favorite, having been got slated in the part for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 before the scene was removed.

Fillion’s interpretation of the figure, whose classic Marvel Comics equivalent dabbled as a stunt driver and film star, was obviously tailored to match the actor’s humorous approach, and filmmaker Gunn, who was required to cut the sequences owing to timing limitations, published some amusing fake movies banners.

What Is Wonder Man?

Wonder Man in Marvel Comics
Wonder Man in Marvel Comics


The character Wonder Man, created by the legendary comic book artist Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, is the wealthy scion of a manufacturing company. He made his debut in The Avengers issue 9. The chemotherapy and radioactive gave him the power to infuse his physique with blazing ionic charge, which gave him superhuman strength and stamina, which he put to good to help people as an Avenger.

Despite the fact that Fillion’s first try at playing Wonder Man was a failure, there are promising indicators that the Disney+ miniseries may give him a second chance. The same press writer who first revealed Kingsley’s involvement in June said that the Disney+ Wonder Man miniseries would be a “Hollywood comedy” on “Wonder Man’s past as an artist and performer in the comics,” which would have matched the tone of filmmaker James Gunn’s scrapped comedic Guardians of the Galaxy adaptation.

Wonder Man fan art

Trevor Had Its Debut in Iron Man 3

The homecoming of Trevor Slattery, to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, becomes more meaningful in this light. The character was first shot to fame in the third installment of Iron Man posing as a Mandarin. However, it was later revealed that the eerie clips he videotaped were actually a performance by the actor, who was just a front for the real Mandarin.

Soon later, Trevor was forced to break out by an emissary of the actual Mandarin, who was furious with the copycat, as shown in the short Marvel One-Shot: All Hail the King. Despite the grim prognosis, Slattery was seen to be living and well in the 2021’s Shang-Chi, along with his faceless feathered hundun Morris as his only friend.

Trevor Slattery in Prison
Trevor Slattery in Prison

Naturally, he was still a hostage of the real Mandarin, head of the criminal organization known as the Ten Rings. Destin Daniel Cretton, who directed Shang-Chi, would serve as executive producer of the upcoming Disney Plus series which sees the protagonist break out from his second prison stint in the movie.