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Benedict Cumberbatch Explains A Strange Oversight In Spider-Man: No Way Home

By Soniya Hinduja
January 29,2022

Spider-Man: No Way Home became an instant blockbuster with the grand scale of storytelling. The film gave one of the most epic performances of all time. And it doesn’t come as a surprise. Firstly, the buzz created around the movie in the months leading to its release was astronomical. Sony already had a league of fans promoting the movie for then. Secondly, the project promised the return of icons like Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin and Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock. And how can we forget Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Men.

Now, it is impossible for any of these scenarios to have occurred without MCU’s sorcerer. While the Multiversal collapse was not intentional, all went downhill when Strange’s spell got out of control. 

When Marvel dropped the trailer for No Way Home, fans got a glimpse of Cumberbatch’s character. But it was unusual to see the powerful sorcerer thoughtlessly cast such a big spell. In fact, some people even speculated the character to be Stephen Strange at all. But a Variant of Doctor Strange. Mephisto himself?

The spell going sideways was obviously Strange’s fault. But the reason behind his carelessness was his affection for a greater purpose. And this emotion has been well expressed by the man who wears the cape on-screen. 

Strange Things Have Happened In No Way Home

Doctor Strange In Spiderman

Spider-Man: No Way Home, Doctor Strange casts a spell

Spider-Man: No Way Home actor Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Doctor Strange, recently sat down for an interview with Variety. In a conversation, Cumberbatch reflected on how much he adores the film. As well as how authentic his character’s mistakes were.

Cumberbatch pointed out that it “was extraordinary to be a part of [No Way Home]”. He said that he loved that his character could “make some hefty mistakes out of love… [and] out of generosity,” ultimately giving a reasonable explanation behind Strange’s decision to cast the spell:

“Amazing. I’m very spoiled because Tom Holland and I had petitioned that the neighborhood superheroes should cross paths again. To have those three films culminate in that moment was extraordinary to be a part of. And to let my character make some hefty mistakes out of love — really, out of generosity towards someone he realizes he really cares for. From a stand-alone success of a movie, of a franchise, it’s phenomenal.”

Cumberbatch also added by saying that he was “genuinely… entertained, thrilled, [and] really moved” while watching Tom Holland’s story unfold:

“I genuinely sat there entertained, thrilled, really moved. I laughed a lot. and I cheered. It’s a fantastic feeling to be back in a cinema, being able to do that and to prove that not everything has to be streamed. And I think that’s important moving forward. It’s not just for exhibitors but for the social gain, the excitement of being in a crowd of people experiencing that live thing of watching it.”

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Doctor Strange’s Selfless And Giving Nature

Doctor Strange uses astral projection on Peter Parker

Doctor Strange uses astral projection on Peter Parker

It is important to remember that Stephen Strange is merely a human being. Much like anyone else. However, he still continues to carry his sense of superiority that the first film gave him. Obtaining the ability to cast magic does not take that away from him. Strange is bound to misjudge his potential and dismiss the consequences. And when his quality is paired with his affection and concern for another person, it is sure to drive him into taking bad decisions. 

Stephen and Peter went through some overwhelming instances during Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. Looking back on time, Strange would do anything to protect and help the kid. Unfortunately, his plan wasn’t as thoughtful as he believed it to be. 

With that said, even if he has good intentions, the sorcerer’s smug behavior is something that will drive the forthcoming events of  Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness. To support the argument, there is the first teaser of the film. The footage reveals how Doctor Strange’s miscalculated actions will have massive repercussions. Some even beyond the imagination of everyone involved in the movie. 

For now, there is a few months worth of wait before Marvel unveils Strange’s upcoming adventures. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is scheduled to release in theaters on May 6, 2022.

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