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Better Late Than Never: Fan Spots Plot Error In 2016’s Doctor Strange

By Abraham George
February 13,2022

It’s February and we’re in the midst of three big Marvel events in the MCU. First, with Spiderman: No Way Home completing two months of its release.  Second, Moon Knight is bound to release on Disney+ in a month. Third, Doctor Strange is back for his solo battle after six years on May 6th 2022.

The last time, we saw Strange in his solo outing was his debut into the MCU. Stephen Strange was afflicted with severe pain after an accident and needed options to get his career and love back. One was, with the help, of a sanctuary at Kamar Taj. After his encounter with The Ancient One, Mordo and Wong, Strange saw a new path of life. He wagered Dormammu and even defeated Kaecilius.

Doctor Strange was a movie about the path that one endures for change, ultimately leading them to a new sphere of life. But in that apkhere, there were some probable but funny loopholes that were just left sake. We don’t know why, but for the theatrical experience, some sacrifice to the comedic effect is placed.

Some people have said that the movie is going to be even better than they thought. However, most of them talk about the many cameos and funny appearances that fans can look forward to, from Loki’s cast to former members of The Fantastic Four, and maybe even the first time mutants appear in the MCU.

A Funny But Serious Plot Hole

Having the fans run back to catch this error from their favorite movie can be exciting. It is  a movie that many consider to be flawless in his style and direction. But, here is something that could pull you to watch the specific scene or the movie in general (if you’re ready to relive the amazing experience).

Redditors are very busy and when they usually find something, it spikes interest. Here’s the error, detailed.

In the movie’s last act, Kaecilius, played by Mads Mikkelsen, is shown making his way into Hong Kong with the help of his evil sorcerers. However, as the story goes on, Reddit user u/AwkwardPotato69 noticed that there was a big problem with continuity.

Now, if you’ve seen the video, you might realize how you just missed such an intricate detail. When Strange, Wong and Mordo enter Hong Kong towards their Sanctuary, another portal opens to Kaecilius and his sorcerers.

As the portal opens, a 350z car is seen moving past by. However, as soon as the bad guys enter, the car is gone. What should have happened, based on the MCU’s rules so far, was for the vehicle to go right through the portal and run over the people who were going to end the world.

Doctor Strange Portal Error 2

Doctor Strange Portal Error 1

Doctor Strange Portal Error 1

Doctor Strange Portal Error 2


Doctor Strange Portal Error 3

Doctor Strange Portal Error 3

Then, when the portal closes, the car disappears. Most likely, it drifts somewhere deep in the universe’s fabric. So are the people and their cars just afloat in some corner of the multiverse? Funny enough, if the Studios caught this situation during production of the Doctor Strange sequel, it could be a neat easter egg to answer the reddit community.

Should Such An Error Matter?


Doctor Strange learning how to use the sling ring at Kamar-Taj

It’s amazing that such a big mistake in continuity went unnoticed for so long. It’s hard to say whether this is a good or bad thing on the part of the MCU.

Now that I’ve seen the mistake, I think it’s a pretty careless mistake. At the end of the day, things happen. Making movies is a hard thing to do. Regardless of how it happened, it is still a continuity problem.

There’s a chance that the car and its driver might end up being one of Doctor Strange’s most important parts in the Multiverse of Madness. Who knows, what mysteries might pop up in this multiverse of Madness and Errors.

The 2016 version of Doctor Strange is already on Disney+, and its sequel, Multiverse of Madness, will be in theaters on May 6 this year.

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