Bianca Gascoigne Shows Off Her Gorgeous Curves In White Lace Lingerie

She’s no stranger to flaunting her great physique in sultry outfits on social media. On Wednesday, Bianca Gascoigne was back at it, slipping her curves into white lace underwear for a sexy festive picture. The 35-year-old model flaunted her form in a pair of photos while striking a sensual position.

Bianca sat back on a bed, arched her back, and smiled coquettishly at the camera in one photograph. The other saw her standing by a window with a gorgeous countryside backdrop in the background. The tight two-piece accentuated her huge cleavage and toned midriff, and she completed her stunning appearance with gold heels and a white Santa hat.

Meanwhile, her platinum tresses cascaded over her shoulders in both, and her features were accentuated with a sleek palette of make-up. It comes after she finished second on Dancing With The Stars Italy earlier this week, losing to Arisa, an Italian singer, and actress who won with only 4% of the vote.

Bianca, who has been learning Italian throughout her show, expressed her thanks after making it to the finals last week. She also expressed joy at receiving the maximum score of 50 from the judges in the semi-final. ‘Finalists!!!!’ she wrote. I still can’t believe it. I’m so thrilled that I’m about to burst!! ‘I received a 50/50 score.’ Thank you to everyone who voted and shared my post from the bottom of my heart. it means the world to me!’

It comes after the Dancing With The Stars participant sadly revealed on the television last month that she suffers from Body Dysmorphia. ‘Even if others tell me I’m attractive and seductive, I don’t view myself that way,’ she admitted. ‘I perceive myself as ugly.’ Bianca left the Dancing with the Stars audience gaping, admitting to having the illness that causes her to reject her body. She confessed that she had been attempting to cure herself for some time, disclosing all in a clip that aired before her performance.

‘I suffer from dysmorphophobia, as described in the video, and I have issues with my body image,’ she continued. I don’t think I’m attractive, and I dislike my body and form. I’ve seen various doctors and am working with them.’ Even if I lost weight, I would not consider myself beautiful. ‘I can’t see myself in the same way that others do when they tell me I’m lovely.’ Maybe when I become a mother, I’ll respect my body more since it will accomplish something good and beautiful for me.’

Bianca has previously expressed her desire for a Brazilian Butt Lift. ‘It’s something I thought about for years and years, and, as I mentioned, I have this bodily dysmorphia,’ she remarked in 2019. She said that she couldn’t get rid of the idea of herself as a “big, overweight youngster.”

Source: Daily Star

Instagram: Bianca Gascoigne