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Black Knight Is Connected To Blade And It Makes Complete Sense

By Mabel Judith Andrady
November 11,2021

If you’re curious about how the Eternals post-credit scene ties together Kit Harington’s Black Knight and Mahershala Ali’s Blade, we’ve got you covered. Phase 4’s third film greatly expanded the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s roster of heroes. Eternals introduced ten new heroes to the Eternals team, setting up some other important characters. This episode has it all, from Harry Styles’ Starfox debut at the very end to Dane Whitman’s Black Knight preparations.

How Black Knight Is Connected To Blade

Dane Whitman, played by Kit Harington, has only a minor role in the main story of Eternals. In the course of the film, Sersi and his complicated family history are repeatedly mentioned. This is due to the Whitmans’ long history of acting as Black Knights and wielding the Ebony Blade. Before The Emergence, Dane learns about this information from his uncle. Still, it isn’t until Arishem arrives on Earth and abducts Sersi that Dane is forced to dig deeper into the meaning of his family’s history.

Once this was done, the Ebony Blade could finally be unwrapped from its case. A new MCU character is introduced to Dane in Eternals’ post-credits scene when Eric Brooks, who goes by the name Blade in the MCU, asks him to pick up the Ebony Blade and all that it entails.

Marvel Studios was able to keep Blade’s voice cameo in Eternals’ post-credits scene a secret until the movie was released in theaters. Black Knight and Blade’s individual MCU futures have been raised, as well as the possible adventures that await them both. Although Marvel Studios has not given the Blade solo film a release date or confirmed the plans for Kit Harington’s Black Knight after Eternals, its post-credits scene directly ties Black Knight and Blade together, which could be a vital sign of what will follow.

Dane Whiteman’s Uncle Will Be A Significant Character

For Whitman’s MCU future, he made a significant decision when he decided to use the Ebony Blade and take on the identity of Black Knight. As a character who focuses on the Marvel universe’s supernatural and mystical aspects, Blade is reaching out to Dane before he takes on the identity of the Black Knight. Aside from the ambiguity of whether Blade is in the same room as Dane off-screen or is communicating with him via some other means, Eric Brook’s decision to do so is significant.


The Ebony Blade’s magical properties may be to blame. In the days of King Arthur, the Ebony Blade was forged from Ebony, which is cursed. The Ebony Blade case was inscribed with the words “Death Is His Reward” because anyone who wields it will eventually succumb to the violence it unleashes.

Blade’s conversation with Black Knight about the Ebony Blade should be taken as a sign that he is already aware of it. Considering Blade is one of the best swordsmen in the Marvel Universe, it’s only natural that he’s aware of Dane’s new weapon. This could be the case, whether due to his skill with edged weapons, the Ebony Blade’s magical ties, or Blade’s own MCU history.

Even if Dane’s family hasn’t used the Ebony Blade in years, Blade may have interacted with them at some point in the past. Daywalker is expected to be active in the MCU’s supernatural underworld by the time Eternals takes place so that he may have encountered Dane’s uncle at some point. Blade’s knowledge of the Ebony Blade’s destructive power, coupled with Dane’s impending ascension to great power, could explain why he speaks with Black Knight in the post-credits scene of Eternals.

How It All Makes Sense


This scene in Eternals will surprise even diehard Marvel fans because Blade and the Black Knight don’t have a strong connection in the comics. Here we have a classic example of how the MCU can reinterpret well-known characters for its shared universe. Black Knight and Blade did have one thing in common, though. Both of them worked for MI13, the paranormal agency of the United Kingdom, which Captain Britain predominately ran. In the comics, Blade is from the United Kingdom, and he joined MI13 after Secret Invasion. Although Blade worked with Black Knight for a short time, Eric Brooks intended to kill another MI13 member due to her vampiric connection.

Blade and Black Knight were MI13 teammates for a short period, but they have ties to other comic book teams. However, the best example of their paths colliding that could impact the MCU is their time as members of the Avengers. In the comics, Black Knight and Blade have both served as members of the Avengers. For a time, Black Knight even served as the head of the Avengers. The two have not been on the Avengers team simultaneously, but Marvel has the power to make that change. They will be more closely linked in the future due to Blade and Black Knight’s first MCU appearances together in Eternals.

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