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Black Knight: Where Kit Harington Could Appear Next In The MCU

By Mabel Judith Andrady
June 28,2022

Last fall’s Eternals was Kit Harington’s first appearance in a Marvel film. The first time we saw Dane Whitman in the MCU, he played the role of the decent, human museum guard with whom Sersi, one of the numerous Eternals, had developed a connection. He didn’t play a significant role in the plot and mostly remained in England.

But Dane and his family also have a long and storied history in Marvel Comics since he is a direct descendant of an Arthurian hero. At the film’s end, Dane finally references this by suggesting to Sersi that he has found an ancient but sophisticated family secret.

After the credits rolled, we were introduced to the Black Knight’s signature weapon, the Ebony Blade, which was his ancestor’s cursed Blade. To become the Black Knight, all that Dane had to do was to touch the sword’s Blade.

Where Can We Expect To See Black Knight In The MCU?

  1. Moon Knight Season 2
  2. Blade
  3. MCU Disney+ Halloween Special
  4. Avengers 5
  5. Black Knight Solo Project
  6. Eternals 2
  7. Midnight Sons Project
  8. Other Unannounced Projects

Kit is Clueless About His Next Appearance

Kit Harrington Black Knight

Kit Harington said he has no idea whether Black Knight will remain a part of the MCU. Harington’s involvement in Blade or any other Marvel project has not been confirmed.

Former Game of Thrones actor has been cagey about his plans for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Harington has expressed in the past that he has no clue if his character will return. In the fall of 2021, Kit Harington told Total Film that he has “no idea” where his character goes on after Eternals:

“I’ve got no idea whether my character goes on or not. Harington told Total Film in the fall of 2021. “I had read up on who he could be, or might be. So there’s the possibility for a longer trajectory. And hopefully, I think this is the tip of the iceberg for my character. I hope. But I just don’t know, you know?”

Kit Harington’s appearance in the next MCU is not yet confirmed. However, fans of the GoT actor could possibly see him in action in George R.R. Martin’s upcoming Jon Snow spin-off. Until then, fans can be mesmerized by Dane Whitman in Eternals which is now streaming on Disney+.

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