Black Panther 2 Director Says Initial Cut Was "The Worst Movie Ever"
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Black Panther 2 Director Says Initial Cut Was “The Worst Movie Ever”

Black Panther 2 was apparently going to have a whole different cut and as per the director that ended up becoming the worst film ever

By Ishita Chatterjee
February 4,2023

“Black Panther 2” was universally praised by critics and fans alike for honoring Chadwick Boseman’s memory while still pushing the narrative forward, and not just for the franchise, but also for the MCU.

Now, the director of the movie, Ryan Coogler, has revealed that the movie wouldn’t have received the praises it did if they had changed the opening. In fact he said that without the opening sequences, the film would become “the worst movie ever.”

Here’s what he said:

Black Panther 2 Director Reveals Bungled Alternate Cut 

Queen Ramonda

Queen Ramonda

In the audio commentary of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Ryan Coogler let fans know an interesting secret. He said that when they were experimenting with the film, there was a version where a few of the opening scene involving the UN and Dora Milaje that were removed. Here’s his quote:

“I’ll tell y’all a secret that’s funny. We were experimenting with all types of stuff with this movie. And at one point, we experimented with taking these two scenes out of the movie, like [the U.N. scene and the opening Dora Milaje action scene] here. And we were just talking like, ‘Yeah, it’ll work without it, ’cause X, Y, and, Z.'”

But when the director looked at the movie, he said that it turned out to be the worst. As per Coogler:

“And I remember I came in early at 6am to watch, because I just wanted to watch it down before we tested it with the scenes out. And we pressed play on it, and I was watching it, and it was just the worst movie ever, you know what I’m saying?”

This sent him into panic mode and he called Nate Moore, the producer of “Black Panther 2,” to fix the film. Ryan said:

“I was like, ‘Oh, this is terrible.’ At some point, I was standing up in the screening room completely alone, like 6:45am, and I’m just calling on my phone, calling Nate [Moore], I’m calling everybody like, ‘Yo, this is a mistake. We gotta fix this.’ But it’s a trip to understand how important these two scenes are for the movie to work.”

Why The Film Needed The Opening Scenes 

Okoye and Queen Ramonda

Okoye and Queen Ramonda

The opening scene of Queen Ramonda in the UN established the relationship of the other countries with Wakanda. It showed viewers that everyone was after the Vibranium reserve of the nation. Also, it informed us about the current ruler of Wakanda and what is its current state.

The Dora Milaje scenes in the beginning depicted how lethal and powerful the all-women army was. It showed us that they could protect the nation and its valuable reserves even in the absence of their King. Without these two scenes, Wakanda Forever would have failed to establish the plot. As such viewers would have been left confused.

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