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Black Panther First Teaser Trailer: Theories And Observations

By Romesh Khatri
July 24,2022

The trailer for the long-awaited movie Black Panther Wakanda Forever was finally released today, and fans are already eagerly discussing it. 

The trailer gives us a first look at the world of Atlantis, the world that resides underwater. We see glimpses of the blue-skinned Atlantians, the new Black Panther, and also what looked like the funeral of T’challa. It is also worth mentioning, that the funeral at points also came across as a celebration so nothing can be said with certainty. 

We also get a first look at the villain of the movie- Namor the submariner. Overall, the trailer has increased our appetite for the movie, which is due later this year. We can’t wait to see how this story plays out on the big screen!

Namor might not be the main villain of this movie

Though Namor debuted as a character way back in 1939 before marvel was even founded, In the movies, Marvel first hinted at the existence of Namor in the endgame when Natasha Romanoff is in a holographic meeting with characters like Rocket, Captain Marvel, etc and Okoye mentions an earthquake that happened off the coast of Africa, hinting at Namor. 

Endgame scene

Endgame scene

Namor hated Wakanda in comics and even lied to Thanos that an infinity stone was there just so he would attack it.

In the comics, Wakanda and Atlantis have a long feud after Namor destroys Wakanda which leads to Black Panther seeking revenge and later even killing Namor. Though he is shown to be a villain in the trailer, he is kind of an anti-villain in the comics who constantly switches sides.

At one point in the trailer, there are some characters on a ship who are supposedly trying to find Vibranium underwater. Maybe that is what causes them to disturb Atlantians and Namor which they see as a threat. 

It can be speculated that Dr. Doom is behind this team looking for Vibranium there are rumors surrounding the appearance of Dr. Doom in the black panther and maybe he is the one pulling all the strings from behind, causing the war between Wakanda and Atlantis. 

Because Namor as we discussed is not meant to be the villain and neither are the Wakandians. This movie is a lot like Captain America: Civil war situation where neither of the two parties fighting is the villain. There is a third party who is causing them to fight. Marvel might hint at the fact that Dr. Doom was responsible for all this and set him up as a villain for future movies.

Who is the new Black Panther?

Shuri in the comics wanted to become Black Panther for quite a while. It was her goal. Though the panther goddess does not give her the powers in comics because of her life of jealousy towards her brother.

New Black Panther

New Black Panther

It can be different for Shuri in the movies. Because of the feminine figure of the new Black Panther, we can almost certainly say that it was Shuri. Though who it is can only be confirmed when the movie comes out.

Namor, The second mutant in the MCU

Unlike Namor, all the Atlantians have blue skin partly because Namor is not a hundred percent Atlantian, his mother was an Atlantian princess, and his father was a human. Because of this he also doesn’t need a mask above the water like all the other blue-skinned Atlantians. 

Even though the word Mutant was not said out loud even a single time in the whole panel, Namor is referred to as the first mutant of Marvel. The mutation must have been the result of his unusual genetic heritage which led to him becoming different from both humans and Atlantians.


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