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Blade’s Modus Operandi In The MCU Is About The Darkhold And Wanda

By Abraham George
April 19,2022

Blade is now a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is getting his own movie as part of Phase 5. Some believe that Blade’s story will be linked to Scarlet Witch, because he will go after her and the Darkhold. With its highly-anticipated Phase 4, the MCU is expanding even more. It already introduced a new team in Chloé Zhao’s Eternals, which had big surprises in its post-credits scenes: Eros and Blade, though the latter was only in a voice cameo.

A post-credits scene in the movie Eternals showed Blade, but there aren’t any real connections between him and the main characters or Dane Whitman (Kit Harington), so it came as a surprise. Blade was confirmed to be a part of the MCU in July 2019, and Mahershala Ali was said to be playing him. There are still no details about when his first movie might come out of what it will be about. His voice cameo in Eternals has now linked him to Dane Whitman/Black Knight, which has led to a lot of different ideas about what his role in the MCU will be.

In real life, Erick Cross Brooks is also known as “The Erick Cross Brooks Show.” It’s been Blade’s life goal to kill vampires all over the world, and he’s been doing it for a long time. As a character in the comics, Blade has been on a lot of different teams. One of those teams is the Midnight Sons, which are rumored to be in the MCU thanks to characters like Blade, Black Knight, Moon Knight, and Morbius, who are all in the comics. Having this in mind, a theory says that Blade is also going after Scarlet Witch because he wants to get his hands on the Darkhold, which has a very important thing for him: the Montesi Formula.

What Is The Montesi Formula?


Montesi Formula,

The Montesi Formula is a spell that can kill all vampires, but it only works for a short time. When the spell is broken, the vampires who were killed are brought back to life. The Montesi Formula is kept in the Darkhold, which is an old book of spells that played a big part in WandaVision. Agatha Harkness had the book, but Wanda took it and was last seen reading it. There is a fan theory that Blade will go after Scarlet Witch to get her Darkhold and the Montesi Formula, which would make his mission a lot easier. As it’s unlikely that Scarlet Witch will give up the book, Blade could be looking into recruiting her as part of the Midnight Sons and having her cast the spell to get rid of the vampires.

Darkhold is also the reason vampires exist in comics. During the Pre-Cataclysmic Era, followers of dark sorcerer Thulsa Doom used a spell from the book to make Varnae, which is why the book has not only the spell to make them but also the spell to destroy them, even if for a short time. The Darkhold, then, could be a big part of Blade’s history in the MCU outside of the Montesi formula. This makes it possible for him and Scarlet Witch to work together, and it makes it easy for him to join the rest of the MCU.

The Legend Of The Formula



Eons ago, the Elder God Chthon wrote down all the dark spells he found and made on indestructible paper. Those parchments were made out of real human flesh, and then they were written down in a book called the Darkhold. People call it the Shiatra Book of the Damned and the Book of Sins by many different groups. A place called the Darkhold is full of evil, dark, and corrupting magic. It is said to have the answer to any question, but it comes with a price: you have to pay for it.

On Ancient Earth, Atlantis and Lemuria were at war with each other for a long time. He killed Thusla Doom, a dark sorceress from Lemuria who used dark magic to kill people. They used the Darkhold to bring back to life a dying soldier named Varnae with a spell of dark magic from a long ago. Varnae became the first living vampire, and then he spread the virus to other Darkholders so that he could start a group of vampires. The Darkhold was the place where vampires came from, which is why Blade hates them. Morgan le Fay then took the pages of Darkhold, and put them in a book during the time of Arthur. During WandaVision, the Darkhold was depicted in the MCU at the time.

Ancient texts have been found in the Darkhold, which was found by Agatha Harkness just by chance. When the other witches tried to stop her from rising, she asked Darkhold for help. She used the Darkhold to turn the tables on them. The Darkhold has many spells that can help you live a long time, be immune to all diseases, and even become immortal for a price. Agatha Harkness made a very modern version of Darkhold in the comic books. Agatha Harkness holds the very modern version of Darkhold. Because this was when empires like Atlantis or Lemuria were in their prime, the Darkhold is also where vampires came from.

The Formula May Be Key To Connecting The Darkhold And Blade

Blade Is Hunting Scarlet Witch & The Darkhold - MCU Theory Explained


The Montesi Formula is the only way to get rid of all vampires. There is even a spell in the book that can kill all of the blood-suckers with one word. A monk named Montesi found out about the magic spell a long time ago. The only thing that could go wrong with the Montesi Formula spell is that the effects don’t last. The spell can be broken, and once it is, all vampires that were killed would be brought back to life right away.

Wanda probably won’t let go of the Darkhold, which is a piece of art that she possesses. In addition, she is the best person in the world at using its spells and the different incantations that are written on it. As a member of the Midnight Sons, Blade should bring in Scarlet Witch and make her use a formula called the Montesi Formula to get rid of all vampires. This Blade Theory has a lot of holes in it, but the more we think about it, the more interesting it sounds.

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