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Blue Marvel Is All Set To Appear in The Marvels But What Role Will He Play?

Blue Marvel is in The Marvels. But who is he? And what role will he play in the movie? Click to know full details

By Ishita Chatterjee
November 30,2022

The Marvels, sequel to Captain Marvel, has a stacked cast with Brie Larson, Iman Vellani, and Teyonah Parris forming the lead trio of the film. Larson reprises her role as Captain Marvel/ Carol Danvers while Vellani and Parris come in as Ms. Marvel and Photon. And now, as per reports, another powerful character has joined their ranks- Blue Marvel.

Blue Marvel Joins The Marvels Cast

Blue Marvel

Blue Marvel

As per the Twitter account Marvel Updates, Blue Marvel is joining The Marvels. Here’s the tweet:

Blue Marvel or Adam Bernard Brashear was a part of the US Marine Corps who fought during the Korean War. After the war, he joined Cornell University as their football player and graduated with Ph.D.’s in theoretical physics and electrical engineering. Due to this, the US government asked him to create a reactor that could successfully change anti-matter into energy. But an accident infused Brashear with anti-matter and made him superhuman.

As for his power set, Blue Marvel can survive in a nuclear explosion and in space. He is extremely strong and can fly at super speeds reaching almost light levels. Brashear can use his energy to create powerful force blasts, but this ends up being tiring for him.

What Role Will He Play In The Marvels?

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

Blue Marvel’s powerset is similar to Captain Marvel’s, and in the pages of Marvel comics, he’s a complete hero. So it’s possible that whatever the task, he will be assisting Carol and team, and fighting by their side. It will also be interesting to see which era he belongs to. Will it be early 1950s like in the comics? or will he belong from the modern era? Both decisions will have repercussions on other characters and the MCU as a whole.

If he’s from the 1950s, then he will probably be the second Avenger. But there’s another question- why did he stay hidden for so long? But if he’s created in the modern day, then it will possibly be due to something that happens in the movie because the character has not been teased elsewhere.

Monica Rambeau in WandaVision

Monica Rambeau in WandaVision

Know that Blue Marvel can play another role in the movie, that of a love interest. During an interview with Eman’s Movie Review on YouTube, Teyonah Parris said that she would like her character, Monica Rambeau to be in a relationship with Blue Marvel. She said:

“You have her love interest with Blue Marvel. You know, that was around, that was a thing, that was pretty spicy. That would be cute [in the MCU].”

This is all speculation from our side as nothing is known yet. So the possibilities are endless. And it makes us think about the possible villain of the movie. After all what would require the three leading heroes to add another one to their team?

What do you think? How will Blue Marvel fit into The Marvels?

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