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Bob Chapek Teases Doctor Strange 2’s Unexpected MCU Impact

By Mabel Judith Andrady
March 10,2022

It’s only a matter of time before fans turn their attention to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Tom Holland’s latest Spidey adventure introduced the Multiverse to the general public. This was done in a different way than Loki had previously done. We’ve said our goodbyes, and now it’s time for the upcoming Sam Raimi film to delve deeper into the world of alternate realities.

In the wake of his recurring nightmares, Benedict Cumberbatch will reprise his role as Harry Potter’s iconic sorcerer. What, then, is causing this problem? Given the recent trailer and other rumors, it appears that Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda character will emerge as the project’s villain. Even if her ultimate goal isn’t revealed in WandaVision, it could have something to do with finding her children.

While on this journey, Strange and his allies will encounter numerous crazy cameos, such as Patrick Stewart as Professor X, who returns to the role after a long sabbatical. In a recent interview, Disney CEO Bob Chapek teased the film’s massive scope and far-reaching effects.

Mysterious Strangeness in the MCU

Defender Strange Versus Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

Disney CEO Bob Chapek discussed the upcoming MCU film Doctor Strange 2 during today’s Annual Shareholders Meeting.

When asked about the upcoming film, Chapek teased that it would “push” the boundaries of storytelling. This, while also “connecting pieces of the MCU in unexpected ways:”

“From Marvel Studios, we have the high-anticipated feature Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness, which premieres in theaters on May 6. With an extraordinary cast led by Benedict Cumberbatch, this film really pushes the boundaries of storytelling and connects pieces of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in unexpected ways. I can’t wait for you all to see it.”

Dr Strange’s Multiversal Approach to Life

Doctor Strange Zombie Face

Everything depends on Doctor Strange 2, so it would be strange if they didn’t do what Chapek hinted at. It’s never been a better time to push the boundaries of the MCU and connect disparate parts of it.

There’s a lot riding on this film’s success. In addition to its absurd premise, it must deal with the expectations that have been placed on Scarlet Witch following the events of WandaVision; introduce the world to America Chavez, and fully develop the Multiverse concept.

It’s a massive undertaking, but it’s necessary. Sam Raimi is more than willing and able to take over from Scott Derrickson in the director’s chair. Hopefully, his penchant for the macabre and his more flamboyant and imaginative aesthetic will contribute to the creation of one of the most bizarre entries in the MCU to date.

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