Boba Fett And Omega’s Origin Unique Connection Explained

Finally, in Star Wars: The Bad Batch animated Disney+ series, Omega’s origins were revealed along with her connection to Boba Fett, the famous bounty hunter. Since she is the newest and youngest Clone Force 99 member so Omega is unique. But till now, the deeper reasons behind her uniqueness had remained a mystery. 

We knew that the Kamino cloners desperately wanted her back since they think that she is the key behind their survival in the new Imperial era that has arrived after the end of the Clone Wars. So throughout the series till now, the Kaminoans have hired bounty hunters to go after Omega since they want her alive no matter what. 

Due to this, bounty hunters like Fennec Shand and Cad Bane got hired to get the job done. Fennec Shand did fail in her first try to get the clone back, but Cad Bane was able to capture her on the Bracca planet between the Bad Batch fighting their previous brother Crosshair. 

In episode 9, titled ” Bounty Lost” of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, Fennec Shand constantly attempted to get Omega from Bane before he can hand her over to the Kaminoans. Along with this, The Bad Batch was searching for their youngest team member as well. But no one knew why she was so precious to the Kaminoans. 

This was finally revealed in this episode. Tech of The Bad Batch finally said that the reason behind Omega being unique and valuable to Kaminoans in the first place. 

Why Is Omega Unique?

A deeper and detailed analysis of Omega’s genetic profile revealed that she had first-generation clone DNA. This meant that she was a pure replica of Jango Fett, the clone host. Moreover, she is unaltered which makes her more precious. This means that most of the other clones were modified using behavioural implants and growth accelerators. But Omega is unique because her growth is at a normal rate and with greater independence. 

Now this serves as an explanation for her youth even though the Kaminoans’ host template has been totally stretched thin with the Empire’s rise. So since Omega doesn’t have any growth acceleration, so she should have been made in the years just before The Clone Wars began. 

It’s likely that she was the only second known unaltered clone at that time in the galaxy. So, Omega’s unmodified and pure genetic makeup makes her Jango Fett’s daughter, just as much as Boba Fett is his son as an unaltered, unmodified clone too. 

But that’s not it. Tech also reveals that Boba’s codename given to him by the Kamino cloners was Alpha, so similarly Omega got her name since she was the last Jango clone. 

Why Are The Kaminoans After Omega?

So now it’s clear why the Kaminoans want Omega- she’s way too valuable to lose. After all, the Empire was strongly considering abandoning the Republic’s contract with Kamino so that they could recruit troops from other parts of the galaxy. So right now the Kaminoans need something major to show to their business partners that it’s worth it to invest in them. 

But they can’t continue doing that with Jango Fett’s host template continuing to degrade. As such, there’s nothing that they can actually clone. Now if they get Omega back, then they can use her as well as her unadulterated genetic material to get the work done. It would allow them to show the Empire their potential and so they can keep their work going. As such, she can change the tide for the Kaminoans. 

What’s interesting to note is that it seems like the Kaminoans have different priorities regarding Omega. Prime Minister Lama Su just wants to get whatever they can from her and then kill her. On the other hand, Nala Se wants to keep the clone out of Lama Su’s hands as she cares for the child and wants to keep her safe. 

This is also why it was Nala Se who hired Fennec Shand whereas Lama Su hired Cad Bane to bring the child back. Omega was ultimately able to escape from both and get rescued by The Bad Batch, but the experience clearly shook her. But the squad later didn’t coddle her much after the attack. They explained to her why the hunters are after her and revealed just how important she is. 

What Omega’s Existence Could Lead To Further On?

Regarding Star Wars, Omega’s existence could lead to different outcomes. First of all, it would be interesting to see her meet Boba Fett, her older brother. But we do wonder if Omega has met and interacted with him when Jango and Boba were staying on Kamino before The Clone Wars began. 

Boba Fett

However, no matter what, name dropping Boba as Alpha to Omega does make it seem like there is going to be a future meeting of sorts. Assuming that Omega lives through The Bad Batch, it’s also possible that she could be seen in future projects like The Book of Boba Fett that’s coming in December of 2021. 

Right now Omega has significant origins, but there’s no way to say what the future holds for her beyond staying with The Bad Batch who are really determined to protect her from the Kaminoans while also staying one step ahead of the Empire. 

What we know right now is that Omega is a valuable target in Star Wars. Also, her origins have made her an important character rather than a forgettable side character. Omega is also the closest thing to a family and sister that Boba Fett has and that’s plain huge. So we all should expect more reveals and appearances. After all, her connection to Boba Fett leaves the door open for his appearances in future appearances. 

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