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Boba Fett Episode 6 Reignites The Nostalgia Of The Original Trilogy

By Abraham George
February 3,2022

Following last week’s incredible Mandalorian adventure, the sixth episode of The Book of Boba Fett debuted on Disney Plus on Wednesday, continuing the former bounty hunter’s journey to rule over Tatooine. This live-action Star Wars series is also nearing its conclusion with its season finale.

As Boba’s gang prepares to face the Pyke Syndicate, a rival criminal organization seeking to use Tatooine as a spice distribution hub, Mando agreed to join him. His decision to go see little Grogu aka Baby Yoda, who we last saw being sent off with Luke Skywalker for Jedi training, was an interesting one. Five years after Return of the Jedi and shortly after the second season of The Mandalorian, this show takes place.

SPOILERS abound in Chapter 6: From the Desert Comes a Stranger, as we take a closer look.

Cobb Vanth Is Back…

Cobb Vanth

Cobb Vanth

Cobb Vanth played by Timothy Olyphant, the marshal of Mos Pelgo aka Freetown, former wearer of Boba’s armor, helped Mando kill a Krayt dragon on Tatooine, and we meet up with him once more there. Cobb kills most of the Pykes he comes across, warning the lone survivor to stop doing Syndicate business in Freetown.

Cobb is later on visited by Mando for the need of an extra hand in the fight against the Pykes. Even though Mando gave everything he got in an effort to nudge Cobb into the team, Cobb resists Mando’s efforts to persuade him to join Boba in his fight against the Pykes.

…And Cad Bane?

Cad Bane

Cad Bane as seen in Boba Fett Ep 6

The ruthless Duros bounty hunter Cad Bane, a character familiar to fans of The Clone Wars, then makes his way into Freetown from the desert. Cobb is reminded that Boba is a “cold-blooded killer who worked with the Empire” when Bane offers to pay Cobb to allow the Syndicate to transport the spice through Freetown territory.

The showdown ends with Bane blasting Cobb and his bumbling deputy, killing the latter but injuring the former. Bane was heavily influenced by Lee Van Cleef’s performance in the 1966 film, which is why his hat looks so similar to Van Cleef’s. The showdown did give a nostalgic reference to the 1966 Clint Eastwood movie. The Star Wars universe as graced with such a Western kind of showdown.

Cobb, who is lying dead in the sand, is told by Cad that the Syndicate forcefully approves that Tatooine is theirs. Everybody will be left alone as long as the spice continues to flow. Cad Bane leaves as the people of Freetown realize that they are still bound in the horror of terrorism.

During the CGI animated series, which is set decades before The Book of Boba Fett, this guy was a regular antagonist and fought almost everyone on the show. Young Boba Fett had a hard time dealing with the death of his father after Jango was killed by Mace Windu. In an unaired Clone Wars arc, Bane would have made Boba his apprentice and taught him the ways of the bounty hunter.

His most recent appearance was in The Bad Batch, where he faced off against a much younger Fennec Shand. These people have also been harmed. Seeing Bane in the flesh for the first time is a terrifying experience, thanks to his red eyes, sharp teeth, and pale blue skin. Even better, this show now has a distinct, terrifying villain in addition to the Pykes. Star Wars is proving their stand for the best animation to live-action crossovers.

Aside from Garsa Fwip’s Mos Espa cantina, the Pykes also demolish it because they’re villains who aren’t able to appreciate great music or good service. Both this and the assassination of Freetown’s high order are likely to spur more people to join Boba in his battle with the Syndicate.

Grogu Is Back!



Grogu and Luke Skywalker, who is once again CGI de-aged to look like 1983 Mark Hamill spend a significant portion of this episode together as Mando tries to reunite with the little guy on the unnamed planet where Luke is setting up his temple.

Ahsoka Tano, Luke’s former Padawan under Anakin Skywalker, the star of The Clone Wars, and the one who revealed Grogu’s identity, finally convinces him to stay away from the reunion with Grogu. She’s also slated to star in a live-action Disney Plus show in the future.

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Knowing how much Mando means to Grogu, Ahsoka says seeing his armored father will further toy with Grogu’s emotions and make his training more difficult. Mando agrees and heads back to Tatooine without seeing Grogu, who he had previously agreed to meet.

The Flashback Of Grogu’s Past

Order 501

Order 501 as seen in Boba Fett Ep 6

When Grogu is reminded of the late master Yoda, Luke tries to inspire and jog his young apprentice’s memory. While hiding his powers from the Empire for years, Grogu appears to have intentionally forgotten some of his past and training at the old Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

However, Luke unlocks Grogu’s memories with the Force. When the Galactic Republic’s clone troopers turned on their Jedi allies in order to help Emperor Palpatine seize power, a flashback reveals Grogu’s perspective. Clone soldiers shoot and kill a group of Jedi who attempt to protect him.

Due to their blue armor detailing, these clones belong to Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader’s prestigious 501st Legion. In Revenge of the Sith, Darth Vader led this squad in their assault on the Jedi Temple, so it’s possible that he was away killing younglings when this flashback occurred.

Grogu is torn between his love for Mando and his desire to learn the ways of the Jedi, and Luke is struggling with this dilemma. Ahsoka responds to Luke’s question about Grogu’s training by saying, “So much like your father.”

The Choice: Jedi Or Fight?

Luke, Ahsoka, Mando And Grogu

Luke, Ahsoka, Mando And Grogu was in Boba Fett Ep 6

In the final moments of the episode, Luke gives Grogu the option of taking the beskar-chained armor Mando had forged from his staff or taking a lightsaber once used by Yoda and continuing his Jedi training. Such a choice was really devastating as an audience to see Grogu at the edge of falling into his destiny.

What would the consequences be , if he chose the Lightsaber? Grogu may or may not have survived the wrath of Kylo Ren, son of Han Solo, who tried to battle it out against Luke one night at the Jedi Temple. As fate went by, the temple was destroyed, killing many of the Jedi.

What if Grogu chose Armor, well, only time could say. Grogu may have learned some of the basics of the force in his limited span at Temple. We saw Grogu’s feelings for the Mando while he left.

If it was to decide the armor, Boba’s team of the Mando and the others would be the most powerful. Grogu just needs to master the capacity of his powers, which would make him tired after every use.

As much fun as it is to spend time with Ahsoka, Grogu, and Luke in The Book of Boba Fett, it seems a little out of place. It took a while for us to get to know Boba, his motivations, and his conflict in the first few episodes.

So we’re heading into the finale with little momentum. Though the fact that he’s enigmatic is intriguing, the current state of the story makes it difficult to care about him.

So, here’s what Boba needs: Danny Trejo and Boba on that Rancor clashing through the deserts of Mos Espa in a legendary fight. The Final episode of Boba Fett streams next Wednesday on Disney Plus.