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Boba Fett Theory: A Star Wars Comic Has Already Spoiled Grogu’s Decision

By Ishita Chatterjee
February 4,2022

Warning – This article contains spoilers for Episode 6 of The Book of Boba Fett​​​​​​

Episode 6 of The Book of Boba Fett saw Luke Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, and Grogu return to the small screen again after their appearances in The Mandalorian.

In episode 5, we saw Din Djarin tell the Armorer to use this Beskar spear to make armor for Grogu. But no one got to see what the Armorer made. In the next episode, we saw Din heading to Luke’s sort of Jedi Temple so that he could give Grogu his gift.

When Din arrived there, Ahsoka Tano greeted him. She told him that Grogu’s attachment to him was too strong, and this meant that if they saw each other, it would affect his training.

At the end of the episode, Luke Skywalker offers a choice to Grogu- He can choose Din’s gift or Yoda’s lightsaber.

Thus, he essentially has to choose between becoming a Mandalorian or a Jedi. The scene was cut before we saw Grogu’s choice. However, we may know what his choice is going to be thanks to a previous Star Wars canon comic.

Star Wars Comic Gives Luke’s First Student Status To Ben Solo

Panel from Rise of Kylo Ren comic

Panel from Rise of Kylo Ren comic

In 2019, Star Wars: The Rise of Kylo Ren, a 4-issue comic series, was released. It was written by Charles Soule and was a canon prequel comic charting Ben Solo’s rise before his introduction in The Force Awakens.

The comic book explored how he was tempted to join the darkness and how he came to lead the Knights of Ren under Snoke’s command. In issue #3 of the series, Ben can be seen talking to Ren, the leader of the Knights, about his time at Luke’s academy.

He talks about the relationships he had with the other Force-sensitive kids there. This happened after Ben had already destroyed Luke’s temple and murdered most of his students.

In a panel, he is telling Ren how he killed 3 students at the academy- Tai, Hennix, and Vote. The panel says:

“We all studied together. I was first, but they came not long after. Voe, Hennix, and Tai.”

Fans already knew that Ben was one of the first-gen Jedi trained by Luke. However, this comic confirms that he was the first student, and others followed him.

Since Han was Luke’s best friend, and Leia was Luke’s sister and Ben’s mother, it makes sense that Ben was the first student at Luke’s Jedi academy.

As we said before, this comic is indeed canon to Star Wars. So if Grogu chooses to be a Jedi, it would contradict this story and make him the first student at Luke’s academy.

What Path Will Grogu Choose?

Luke Skywalker asking Grogu to choose between Mandalorian and Jedi way

Luke Skywalker asking Grogu to choose between Mandalorian and Jedi way

Grogu has a difficult choice to make. The little thing showed a strong reaction to Yoda’s lightsaber as well as the Beskar armor that Din had made for him. So it seems like Grogu wants to choose between both. But Luke has told him to choose only one.

We have to wait and see what he chooses. But if that canon comic is any indication, Grogu will choose the path of a Mandalorian. This will certainly ease fans wondering if he will get killed during Ben’s rampage at the Jedi Academy.

Now, if Grogu chooses to become a Mandalorian, it would make sense. In fact, it would bring the story full circle. For one, Din wasn’t from Mandalore, either. He got rescued by Mandalorians when he was young. Just like he was taken in as a foundling, he too has taken Grogu in as one.

Grogu and Din Djarin

Grogu and Din Djarin

And he has said that if Grogu returns, he would be trained to be a Mandalorian warrior. Also, the previous two episodes have teased that Grogu might return to Mando.

In episode 5, Peli Motto asked Mando where Grogu was, and in episode 6, Cobb Vanth asked him the same. Also, Din told Grogu that they would see each other again. So it seems like that reunion will be sooner rather than later.

Overall, we will have to wait for the finale of The Book of Boba Fett to see what Grogu chooses. But maybe, he will choose to be both and become a Mandalorian Jedi?

Episode 6 of The Book of Boba Fett is now streaming on Disney+.

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