Boruto's Permanent Retcon Shocks Fans: Is The Series Doomed?
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Boruto’s Permanent Retcon Shocks Fans: Is The Series Doomed?

Boruto’s Latest Twist Has Changed The Series With An Irreversible Retcon That Leaves The Protagonist As A Permanent Villain.

By Amitabh Mukherji
May 5,2023

The latest chapter of Boruto has changed the course of the series with an in-story retcon that cannot be reversed. After Kawaki uses Eida’s power of Omnipotence to switch roles with Boruto, fans are left wondering if the hero will be able to fix everything in the future. However, according to the series’ biggest villain, Momoshiki Otsutsuki, the effects of Omnipotence are permanent.

Momoshiki Claims Omnipotence Is Unbreakable

Omnipotence technique

Momoshiki reveals to Boruto that the Omnipotence technique is irreversible. This twist is a significant departure from the typical narrative in which heroes always find a way to restore order. Boruto will always be viewed as the person who killed the Seventh Hokage, while Kawaki will be seen as Konoha’s hero, even though he is the one who trapped Naruto and Hinata in another dimension. It appears that, no matter what Boruto does, he will always be viewed as a villain.

Is Momoshiki Lying?


Although Momoshiki claims that the effects of Omnipotence are permanent, there is a possibility that he is lying. His intention in this chapter seems to be driving Boruto to desperation, weakening him enough to take over his body once and for all. It’s possible that there is a way to break the Omnipotence technique, such as through Sarada Uchiha’s Mangekyo Sharingan, which made her immune to the spell. Another simpler way would be for Kawaki or Eida to reverse the technique. However, there is no reason for them to do so.

Boruto’s Journey To Redemption


Despite the seemingly irreversible twist, there is hope for Boruto to redeem himself. He doesn’t want to kill Kawaki, but instead wants to get strong enough to make him see reason. This could be the prelude to Kawaki asking Eida to reverse her power, after Boruto beats some sense into him. The series has the opportunity to step out of Naruto’s shadow and prove that Boruto can be his own hero.


Boruto’s latest twist is a significant departure from typical shonen manga narratives. The Omnipotence technique is irreversible, leaving Boruto as a villain in everyone’s eyes. However, there is a possibility that Momoshiki is lying, and there is a way to break the technique. Regardless of the outcome, Boruto’s journey to redemption promises to be a fascinating one, and fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming part 2 of the series.