Boruto’s Sarada Cover Sparks Controversy Among Naruto Fans

The Latest Boruto Chapter Cover Featuring Sarada Has Caused A Stir Among Naruto Fans, Sparking Controversy And Mixed Reactions.

By Amitabh Mukherji
April 21,2023

The most recent Boruto chapter cover has caused quite a stir among Naruto fans, sparking a heated debate. The cover features Sarada, a young female ninja, in a pink dress with a fan on her back that references her father, Sasuke, and the Uchiha clan. However, the design and posing of the character have been criticized as unnatural, off-model, and sexualized, leading to mixed reactions from readers.

Excitement And Disappointment

When fans first heard that Sarada would be getting her own cover, many were excited about the prospect. The young ninja has been taking on a more prominent role in the series, making this the perfect time for her to take the spotlight. However, much of the initial excitement faded once the cover was officially released, leaving many fans disappointed.

Mixed Reactions And Criticisms


Fans have expressed various criticisms of the cover, including the quality of the art, the sexualization of Sarada, and the odd pose that doesn’t seem to match her character. Some readers even suggested that the cover looks more like fan art than official artwork. However, not all readers were unhappy, as some appreciated the call-back to Sarada’s parents and Sakura’s signature pink color, which may hint at her mother’s return to the series.

Hopes For The Future

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Despite the controversy, fans of the series hope that this cover won’t be a trend for Boruto and that Sarada will get the center stage she deserves in the near future without any further controversy. The drop in quality for the cover has led to speculation about the story being rushed, and some readers have criticized Boruto’s creators, particularly illustrator Mikio Ikemoto. Nonetheless, with the story heading in what many feel is a good direction, fans remain optimistic about the future of the series.