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Britney Spear’s Wildest Instagram Looks

By Alankar Nayak
December 31,2021

Britney Spears has ramped up the heat since finally being released from her father, Jamie Spears’ conservatorship.


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Britney, who turns 40 on December 2, has used Instagram to express herself since speaking out about being silenced by her father, uploading several raunchy photos as well as rants about her personal life. Britney Spears is not holding back now that she is a free woman, going utterly naked to wearing raunchy lingerie. The singer, who is engaged to dancer Sam Asghari, has been sharing many beautiful photos, and her followers are enjoying it.

Burgundy babe

Britney conveyed a hidden message with this post and used the opportunity to address her detractors: “Second pic is the original, and you heard me… Should I repeat myself?????? KISS MY MOTHER’S F*****G A**!!!!!” She finished the caption with emojis of a kissing face, pink lipstick kiss stain, and a peach. She stood looking over her shoulder in a burgundy thong one-piece lace lingerie set, sporting dark eye makeup and her messy blonde hair flowing down her shoulders.

Britney Spear

She immediately followed the first image with an unedited version – the only change appears to be slightly darker, natural lighting. Fans complimented Britney’s natural attractiveness, and many felt there was no need for her to make the subtle adjustment to her already stunning image. “You seem more lovely in the unedited [photo], just saying,” one fan said.

Another admirer tagged a friend to comment on Britney’s outfit, saying, “I think we should buy whatever it is she’s wearing!!” “I wish I had that confidence!” Get it, daughter! I’m so proud of you! “I’m so thrilled you’re living the free life!” remarked one loving follower.

Yellow is a lovely colour

Britney Spear

“I used a genuine photography camera for the first time in my room yesterday…I put it on a stand and set a timer, and I got this!!!! It’s the yellow thong and Minnie Mouse on the bed for me!!!!”. She ended the caption with a lipstick stain, a laughing face, and a mouse emoji. The actress posed with her back to the camera, wearing nothing but a yellow thong. Britney stood for the saucy photograph almost entirely naked, with her hair swept over her shoulder to reveal her toned and muscular back, during a photoshoot in her bedroom, which appears softly lit with a lamp in the corner next to a large comfy bed.

In the comments, a fan praised the singer, writing, “If I looked like you… I’d snap pictures all day, every day! LOL! “Well done!” Another user gushed about her body, saying, “If I had your body, I wouldn’t know what to do.”

Woman in white

Britney Spears resorted to Instagram to express herself after a doctor’s consultation left her with a foul taste in her mouth. “What is it with body-improvement consultations?” she wrote. Is it just me, or is anybody else upset by similar encounters…”Perhaps I’m overly sensitive…” In any case, I’d instead fall off a cliff than have a doctor tell me what he believes is wrong with my body image.

Britney Spear

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. kiss my white a**!!!!!”, along with a waving hand, peach, and her favourite lipstick stain emoji. One fan agreed with her, adding, “You can’t improve on that beauty!” while another wrote, “Tell him ‘I’m Britney, b***h,’ and turn and walk away.”

Britney’s combative statement is accompanied by a photo of the singer standing on a patio with a low brick wall and green trees in the backdrop. She wore nothing but a pair of white cut-off denim shorts and a gold chain necklace for this look. She stood with her typical long blonde locks over one shoulder, covering her breasts with her palms and flashing a Mona Lisa smile to the camera.

Sucker for crimson

Britney Spear

This steamy photo, entitled “P.S. you heard me…kiss it!” shows the starlet walking away from the camera in knee-high red boots and matching red panties. For this photo, the topless singer wore her hair in a sloppy bun and strolled across the garden, which sparked outrage among her fans: “Now we officially know what broke the internet today.”

Another user commented, “I love daring, outspoken Britney,” as she removed her clothes for the steamy photo taken from behind.

Instagram: Britney Spear

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