Bruce Explains His Hulk-Triggers to Cousin, Jen Walter Amidst Training

Episode 1 of She-Hulk showed how Bruce Banner takes the responsibility of training his cousin to be a better Hulk. We all know what Bruce

By Sumit Sahu
August 18,2022
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Episode 1 of She-Hulk showed how Bruce Banner takes the responsibility of training his cousin to be a better Hulk. We all know what Bruce has gone through in his pursuit of being a superhero.

He was the beacon of destruction once and was called a monster. He doesn’t want that for his cousin. So, the training began with helping Jen fight the Hulk triggers.

Jennifer Walters Became The Hulk In An Obstacle Cage

She-Hulk Training
She-Hulk Training

We saw Bruce tying up Jen in a closed transparent cage where she was wearing a tracker helmet, for Bruce to collect data. Following that, he turned on the machine with saw blades approaching Jen inside the closed cage.

Even though Jen was constantly being afraid of death inside that cage, Bruce didn’t stop as he believed she would turn into the green monster for sure. Jen eventually turned green and broke the machine into pieces and slammed the door.

She screamed at the Smart Hulk and it was the moment when we all felt the rage of Hulk. Bruce was trying to calm down Jen’s She-Hulk because he thought her to be the monster that he was in the early stage.

But eventually, Jennifer was sharing the same consciousness with Hulk, and there was no alter-ego taking over her body. Bruce was shocked to see that, Jen was able to control her powers right from the start and expressed his jealousy.

Jen keeps on mocking Bruce about how she is better than him at all this. And this fight continued further throughout the episode. We are clear on the fact that Bruce is training her with a clear mind and positive thought to make her a superhero and not to lead her being a monster.

The Rage Control Training Continues With DBT

Hulk Meditation
Hulk Meditation

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy is what Bruce suggested for Jen to calm her rage and prevent being Hulk in the situations where she really has to control her anger. We got a serious tone of discussion for a while here when Bruce says, “Forget the Hulk rage! Even an usual anger or fear, can put you in a position where you will knowingly or unknowingly hurt people around you.” 

But, to the surprise, Jen was very easily transforming to Hulk and back without much support from Bruce. She believed that she is ready and wanted to head out. And then we witnessed a great brother-sister fight, in Hulk-style.

We want to see more of training sessions between Hulk and She-Hulk. It is because, in some way or other, we love Hulk for the efforts he did to manage his anger and control his alter-ego. And as Jen makes this look so easy, some fans might just lose the impression of what Hulk should actually be.