Burning Hot Bikini Body In Old Footage Of Iskra Lawrence On The Beach

Iskra Lawrence flaunted her amazing bikini body in a video montage she shared on Instagram on Wednesday. In one of the old clips she included, the 31-year-old English model was seen joyfully dancing around the beach – a throwback to 2017.

She showed off her curves in a smoldering green two-piece while letting her luxurious blonde hair fly free. Her post was supposed to announce that she would be launching a new brand after her involvement with #AerieREAL ended.

The hashtag campaign focused on body positivity, specifically unretouched photos of models. Several of the videos in her montage showed her dancing and celebrating with her gal pals, possibly some from #AerieREAL.


Iskra, who became an official Aerie ‘Role Model’ in 2016, was seen whirling through several sizzling swimsuits in her video montage. One of them was a Hampton’s chic navy and white striped peekaboo one-piece that let her show off her midriff as she strutted down the beach.

Another was a flesh-flashing blue two-piece she wore with glasses while sitting cross-legged on what appeared to be a spring. Iskra became a mother last year, a month into the coronavirus lockdowns when she gave birth to Phillip Payne’s boyfriend.

Her new Instagram caption addressed the recent changes in her life, including the upcoming launch of her new brand Self Funding Planner. ‘7 years of building the Aerie Real movement with the most amazing people coming to a close is bittersweet,’ she admitted.

‘I’m forever grateful for everything we accomplished together and for all of YOU who supported me,’ the Wolverhampton native added. ‘I’m heartbroken I won’t be on tour again,’ Iskra continued, ‘which is why I cried for a long time when I found out.’

‘It felt like I was losing the movement that I helped create, and all of you with it,’ the mother of one explained. It also hurt my heart because I was still navigating the pandemic as a first-time mother.

‘So realizing that “returning to normal” was not going to happen made me feel even more befuddled. That’s why it’s taken me nearly a year even to bring it up.’

‘BUT sometimes you need a door to close to open a new one,’ explained Iskra. So I got to work finishing something I’d been planning to launch, the first of its kind: the @SelfFundingPlanner, a planner/journal/motivator/daily best friend support system.’

‘For the first time in my life, I’m launching my brand, which I founded and developed without the involvement of any business partners or brands,’ she wrote. I don’t feel lost; instead, I feel like I’ve finally regained complete control – and this is just the beginning.’

‘This video is celebrating the past as I look to the future, and now, instead of investing years in building brands for others, it’s time I build my own,’ she explained.

‘I want to assist you in doing the same!’ exclaimed Iskra. That’s why, when you buy @selffundingplanner, you get lifetime access to our private Facebook group, where we’ll be focusing on supporting each other’s self-growth, self-worth, and self-love. The year 2022 is genuinely ours.’

‘Thank you to every single one of you who helped me get to this today, and I want to make you feel proud and support you right back,’ she said at the end.