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Can Fans Expect Some Wildfire Action In House of The Dragon?

By Rishabh Shandilya
September 7,2022

Wildfire!! I think it’s safe to say that everyone here understands what I’m talking about. Do you recall the Game of Thrones episode in which Sir Davos screamed, “Wild-fire!” as a solitary vessel was seen leaking a colorful fluid into the ocean?

Before anyone could figure out what had transpired, the entire flotilla and the soldiers atop it were burned to cinders, giving the Queen Regent her long-awaited victory over Snow and Dany.


Wildfire burning fleets in Game of Thrones

Wildfire was without a shadow of a doubt a very potent and formidable weapon against the Men of the Watch, Dothrakis, and the Unsullied. Dany was backed up with the fires of Dragons then the Queen regent has an immense supply of Wildfire. But now, the lingering question is whether that will be seeing some wild-fire action in the ongoing HBO spin-off House of the Dragon or not.

Let’s find out!

What Is Wildfire?


Wildfire in Got Behind The Scenes

The Alchemists’ Guild, an old group of scholars who use archaic science and who have relocated to the city of King’s Landing, creates and controls the distribution of wildfire, a combustible substance. There is no way to put out a wildfire using water since wildfire is a highly explosive substance that may burst with incredible energy. The fire can only be extinguished by covering it with a thick layer of dirt, or mud.

Wildfire’s inferno and liquid form are both easily recognizable due to their striking green tint. They call it “the Substance” among pyromancers, but its derogatory nickname is “pyromancer’s urine” among the uncultured masses. Wildfires tend to get more dangerous over time, which means that if the wildfire had existed in the reign of King Aegon or Viserys would be less potent compared to the wildfire that existed in the latter years.

The Great Sept of Baelor was destroyed and the War of the Blackwater was decisively won in large part due to the use of wildfire throughout the War of the Five Kings.

Would There Be any Wilfdfire Casualties in House of the Dragon?


Wildfire, the destruction of King’s Landing

We cannot say for sure, but according to the books, the Wildfire has been discovered years before the events of House of the Dragons. To capture Dorne in 174 AC, Aegon IV Targaryen built seven wooden “dragons” equipped with bellows that fired streams of wildfire. These “machines,” on their way to Dorne, were destroyed by fire in the Kingswood.

Lord Brynden Rivers ordered the pyromancers to use inferno to kill the Great Spring Sickness sufferers who had taken refuge in the Dragonpit. In 232 AC, Aerion Targaryen tried to become a dragon by drinking wildfire. The Tragedy at Summerhall, which occurred in 259 AC, was exacerbated by a wildfire.

Summer hall

Summer hall Game of Thrones

Judging by what has happened so far, it’s highly likely that we’re going to see some Wildfire action in the impending Dance of the Dragon or as some like to call it Targaryen civil war. It would be both folly and shame to do otherwise and keep such a weapon of tremendous power idle under the burrows of Kings Landing.

Fewer Dragons Less Wildfire

The Alchemists’ Guild claims they use magic in a time-consuming and risky procedure to create a wildfire. Wisdom Pollitor claims that the disappearance of dragons has diminished the efficacy of magic, making it more difficult to create wildfires. Acolytes are confined to stone cells with nothing but the minimum necessities while they learn to create a wildfire. Small jars of earthenware are used to store the liquid; the mud is textured and pebbled to increase hold.


Dragon in Game of Thrones

Fruit-shaped storage containers were popular during the reign of King Aerys II Targaryen. After a jar has been full, an assistant will take it from its stone crypt and transport it to the deep, dark cellars below. The space atop the work cells is a sand chamber. If the wildfire were to break into one of the work cells, the roof would fall due to a “protective spell,” and the dirt would put out the fire instantly.

To put it simply, wildfire is a lot like the real-world equivalents of napalm and Greek fire—both of which are extremely flammable substances employed in warfare. We’ve already seen that the Lord of Light and Taragreyen Rulers like the Mad King are obsessed with using Wildfires, so it’s no doubt that soon will see this green liquid burning masses in seconds.