Can Loki Season 2 Bring Idris Elba’s Heimdall Back To The MCU

Idris Elba thinks that Heimdall could show up in the MCU again. And it certainly seems that the gateway for that could be Loki season 2. Know that when Marvel started marketing Avengers: Infinity War, MCU boss Kevin Feige said that the deaths would be permanent.

After all, the MCU had back then become popular for its revolving-door approach to death. However, Feige suggested that this was going to be changed after Thanos came to the MCU.

Now, he was overstating of course. Even though Infinity War snapped multiple characters both after as well as before the snap, but some were permanent. But actually, as a result of time travel in Avengers: Endgame, there was only one permanent death, and that was Idris Elba’s Heimdall.

He was killed by Thanos at the beginning of Infinity War. Heimdall sacrificed himself to send Hulk to Earth. Elba is aware that he is operating within a superhero universe where death is often just an inconvenience. As such, he believes that Heimdall could in fact pop up in the MCU. So let us explore what he said.

Idris Elba Thinks That Heimdall Can Return

Idris Elba as Heimdall

Idris Elba said in an interview that:

“I think the constraints of the sort of superhero universe are none. So everything is possible. I think that Heimdall is an amazing character and still exists.”

Now, he’s not wrong. His comments are especially true after the events of Loki season 1. The finale of the Disney+ Marvel show pretty much caused the birth of Marvel’s “Multiverse of Madness” as the timeline wasn’t in the control of He Who Remains anymore.

As such, currently, there are countless branched alternate realities. As such, it’s very possible that there are timelines now where Heimdall never even interacted with Thanos. And also, there must be others where he survived Thanos’ attack on the Asgardian refugees.

Also, we personally think that since there’s a variant where Loki was an alligator, so there must be a timeline where Heimdall is a wise old owl too.

This means that Heimdall could, in fact, show up for future multiversal adventures. And the one show where he could show up easily is in Loki season 2.

How Can Loki Season 2 Incorporate Heimdall?

Loki variants

Now, season 1 of Loki pretty much unlocked the Multiverse, and as a result, we saw various variants of the God of Mischief come face-to-face with other Lokis.

Now, season 2 could definitely take things in a different direction. It’s possible that Loki might see the alternate versions of people he knows like Thor, the Warriors Three, or even Heimdall.

As such, this would allow Marvel to easily bring Heimdall back. Also, if Loki meets a variant of Heimdall, then the creators can develop the character in any way they want. As such, it could be a totally different Heimdall. And as we said before, we might even get an owl Heimdall. Basically, anything is possible.

But, the interesting question isn’t how or in what form he might appear. It’s the question of if the variants of Heimdall are even aware of the existence of the multiverse?

The multiverse as seen in Loki

Now, Heimdall can look right through space and time. He can look across the Nine Realms and even beyond. As such, it’s possible that this power could be even extended after the multiverse was created.

This means that every Heimdall can see what’s going on in other timelines. So may even be able to peer into TVA’s mysterious base too. If that ends up happening, then he could turn out to be an important ally in season 2 of Loki.

However, right now, this is all speculation. It remains to be seen what happens next in season 2 of the Disney+ Marvel show. But in the meantime, you can catch season 1 of Loki on Disney+.

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