Captain America 4 Sparks Debate With Roxxon Easter Egg

Discover The Controversial Easter Egg In Captain America 4 Set Photos, Featuring The Fictional Company Roxxon.

By Amitabh Mukherji
May 24,2023

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has become known for its intricate web of connections and hidden references, often referred to as Easter eggs. One such Easter egg has recently been discovered in the set photos of Captain America: New World Order, featuring the presence of the fictional company Roxxon.

The Legacy Of Easter Eggs In The MCU

Marvel Studios

Over the past 15 years, the MCU has delighted fans with numerous Easter eggs and interconnected details across its extensive lineup of over 40 projects. These references can sometimes be so subtle that even the most dedicated fans struggle to keep track of them all. One such example was the presence of a prototype Captain America shield in Tony Stark’s workshop in the original Iron Man film.

Set Photos Unveil Roxxon Logo

Captain America: New World Order Set Photo

Newly-revealed set photos from Captain America: New World Order, shared on Instagram by atlanta_filming, showcase signage featuring the logo of Roxxon, the fictional energy company that has been referenced multiple times throughout the MCU. Notably, the logo has appeared in all three Iron Man films.

The first appearance of the Roxxon logo dates back to 2008’s Iron Man, where it was subtly displayed during the final fight scene. In Iron Man 2, the logo could be spotted on a car during the Monaco race sequence. The climactic battle in Iron Man 3 took place on the Roxxon Norco oil tanker. The company also made an appearance in the first season of Loki, with action occurring at a Roxxcart store owned by Roxxon.

Roxxon’s presence extends beyond the movies and has been featured in other MCU media. It is referenced in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and even in the MCU One-Shot A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer.

Exploring Roxxon’s Origins


In Marvel Comics, the Roxxon Energy Corporation first appeared in a 1974 issue of Captain America, created by renowned comic writer Steve Englehart. Englehart is also known for creating popular heroes like Shang-Chi and Star-Lord.

Roxxon In The MCU


The true nature of Roxxon in the MCU remains somewhat ambiguous. In Iron Man 3, there is a reference to a disastrous oil spill caused by the company. References to Roxxon can also be found in series produced by the now-closed Marvel Television branch, although their canonicity is uncertain. In the comics, Roxxon is portrayed as having sinister intentions and a disregard for ethical conduct, prioritizing profits above all else, even resorting to violence.

While the MCU has only provided glimpses of Roxxon thus far, Captain America 4 seems to continue the trend of featuring the logo in the background. However, there is hope that future films and series will delve deeper into the company, potentially aligning it more closely with its comic book counterpart and shedding light on its operations and motives.