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Captain America In Moon Knight? Episode 4 Makes A Comic Reference

By Mabel Judith Andrady
April 22,2022

The fourth episode of Disney+’s Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight has now aired for fans all over the world, bringing the show’s first and possibly only season to a close. As the story progresses, Marvel continues to throw twists and turns at the audience, diving into ancient Egyptian mythology while keeping up with Marc Spector and Steven Grant’s adventures together.

In addition to the action-packed scenes in the Egyptian tomb with Marc and Layla, Marvel provided some fascinating backstory on the series’ core characters. Arthur Harrow’s enigmatic search to placate the goddess Ammit unleashed even more of his rage, putting the show’s leading heroes in grave danger.

While Moon Knight is a stand-alone film, fans have spotted references to previous MCU projects like Avengers: Infinity War and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in the story. While no other connections were made in this Moon Knight episode, a reference to an early villain of Captain America’s was made.

A Comic Nod to Captain America in Moon Knight

Captain America


A scene between Arthur Harrow and Layla in Episode 4 of Moon Knight sheds light on Layla’s MCU history. Layla was told by Harrow that her father, Abdullah El Faouly, was killed in a raid involving Marc Spector. In Marvel Comics, Abdul Faoul was a villain known as Scarlet Scarab, who fought Captain America as the Scarlet Scarab.

The Scarlet Scarab led a group of warriors known as the Sons of Scarab, who shielded Egypt for a long time. Also, Namor the Submariner, who is rumored to make his MCU debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, has come into conflict with him.

Is Moon Knight going to investigate Layla’s connections to the MCU?

Layla played by May Calamaway in Moon Knight


The Scarlet Scarab’s introduction into the MCU isn’t all that surprising, given that the MCU often uses characters like this to connect them to comic book heroes and villains.

Even if he appears in Wakanda Forever later this year, the reference to this villain is unlikely to have any significance for Namor, given that Abdullah was killed off in the story years ago. It’s interesting that tying him into Layla’s backstory gives her a new role in the MCU’s future, especially since she was created specifically for it.

In spite of Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers’ retirement from acting, the Captain America legacy lives on and grows through other characters like Sam Wilson and through references like this one in the expanding narrative. In the show’s final two episodes, Layla’s father may or may not be mentioned again, but this nod alone makes her a character to keep an eye on.

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