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Character Of Emilia Clarke Reacts To Set Explosion In New Footage

By Prathamesh Athavale
January 28,2022

Recently released photos of Emilia Clarke, from Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion series, have surprised many of her fans across the world. They speculated Emilia would play Green-Haired Abigail but received a bit of a shock seeing Emilia as a brunette in the pictures. The on-set footage of the film went viral yesterday. In which people can hear a loud explosion along with her entry on the set.

As already discovered, the inside of the hall looked like it was in Russia, with Russian banners reading “National Unity Day.” However, the explosion appears to have taken place somewhere else. Clarke was present on the set even after the blast occurred.



Emilia Clarke inspects the explosion

Emilia Clarke talking to a crewmember on the set of Secret Invasion

Emilia Clarke talking to a crewmember on the set of Secret Invasion.

According to @intelligencyco on Twitter, Emilia Clarke’s mysterious character arrived by car to investigate the explosion that occurred inside The Piece Hall on the set of Disney+’s Secret Invasion, after receiving its report. It was clear from the footage that Clarke got out of her car and headed towards the source of the explosion, with civilians running away and soldiers rushing into the blast zone with no regard for Clarke.

A second photo shows Clarke talking with a crew member between shoots while she’s bundled in a winter jacket and wearing hair clips to hold back her hair.

Emilia Clarke’s Character Is Still In The Dark



Details and the identity of Emilia’s character are still a mystery, although there is room to make some speculations. There is a possibility she may be a Skrull spy or even an ally to Kree. The explosion took her by surprise. This can also mean she is just a third party who was there coincidentally.

It was puzzling to see the soldiers ignoring her presence as they ran past her. The chaos caused by the explosion could simply explain it, but Clarke’s character evinces some interest in the conflict. Because. What other reason could she have for exploring the explosive aftermath of National Unity Day?

Once Secret Invasion airs on Disney+ in 2023, fans will see this mystery unfold.

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