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Charli XCX Gets Hearts Racing Revealing Her Underwear Through Graphic Pink Mini Skirt

By Celeb Staff
March 7,2022

Charli XCX isn’t known for her modest choice for outfits. It is rather the opposite. Charli smoked up the room as she stepped out revealing her peachy bottom while leaving her hotel in Manhattan, New York City, on Friday

29-year-old Charlie, flaunted her hot curves and undergarments with a bold choice graphic print crop top ensemble as she walked across the Big Apple. 

Charli XCX flaunted her back in a graphic print crop top and mini skirt while leaving her hotel in Manhattan, New York City, on Friday

The Boys hitmaker wore a while underwear beneath her hot pink see-through mini skirt. She paired the skimpy bottom with a matching blue and pink one shoulder crop top. 

Her long and lean legs adorned  sparkling yellow boots. And for accessories, she carried a tiny pink handbag. 

The singer left her black locks in light ways. The look amplified her striking complexion and her extraordinary makeup. 

The Boys singer showed off her white undergarments as she walked through the Big Apple

Prior to this, Charli displayed her marvelous musical talent in a lyrics game against pregnant Shay Mitchell on Thursday on Watch What Happens Live.

Show host Andy Cohen, set English songwriter Charli to compete with 34 year-old Shay in a game called Pop Bars.

Undoubtedly, Charli won the battle, and casually commented how she is ‘really competitive’.

She paired the look with sparkling yellow boots and a dinky hot pink handbag

For the game, the two ladies were supposed to identify the name of the song as Andy read out the lyrics to win a point. 

Charli outperformed the actress in the very beginning by naming the Lady Gaga song Love Game before Shay could.

Turning to her competitor, Charli remarked: ‘Sorry, I’m really competitive!’ 

Source: DailyMail

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