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Charlotte McKinney Models Sexy Bikinis In Los Angeles

By Celeb Staff
May 7,2022

Come Thursday afternoon, Charlotte McKinney was captured in a sizzling photoshoot at a beach in Los Angeles. 

The 28 year-old fashion industry personality posed up a sultry affair when she flaunted her incredibly beautiful future. 

The social media stunner made a visible transformation from a duo of beach-ready outfits and into an all-athleisure ensemble as she spent a considerable amount of time posing for the cameras. 

Charlotte McKinney

Charlotte McKinney during a photoshoot at a beach in Los Angeles on Thursday

In the amazing photoshoot, Charlotte McKinney was first captured when she sported a vibrantly colored and patterned bikini top. It revealed a lot of her skin and assets. 

The fashion industry personality paired the attractive and bright tones of her top with a light blue set of denim overalls. In one pose, she pulled the top portion down to show off her toned tummy.

Her beautiful blonder hair fell softly onto her shoulders and accentuated her look by upping the colors of her look for the day.

Afterwards, McKinney later rocked a bright orange bikini top for yet another sensational part of the photoshoot.

Charlotte McKinney

McKinney donned a bright orange bikini top

The influencer was breathtaking in a matching high-waisted bottom that allowed her to flaunt her flawlessly sculpted legs and thighs.

Charlotte, who is a star in the fashion industry, complemented the bright colors of her ensemble with a touch of darkness by sporting a pair black sunglasses.

The social media figure also switched into a light pink athletic top while modeling in an all-athleisure outfit.

In addition, McKinney wore a matching pair of leggings that hugged tightly to her legs and thighs while spending a bit of time in front of the cameras.

Charlotte McKinney

McKinney switched into a light pink athletic top in an all-athleisure outfit

For this look, the actress visibly changed up her style by tying her blonde hair into a ponytail. It fell onto her back during the third portion of the photoshoot. 

Charlotte McKinney Opens Up About Social Media

As for the beginning of her journey, Charlotte McKinney started her modeling career by building a large presence on Instagram in the mid-2010s.

In an interview with Marie Claire, the model reminisced her early days on the platform. In conversation, she made a notable expression. She was saying that what she shared on her account was in no way a representation of what her life was normally like. 

‘Social media is an interesting part of life, and it’s not all it looks like from the outside. Instagram is just an outlet to exude this image of what you deem as a perfect life,’ she stated.

Charlotte McKinney

She is not too fond of social media

Charlotte McKinney also went on to elaborate that she wasn’t really addicted to the use of the social media outlet. However, she is aware of how very important it has become for her professional life. 

‘I have such a love-hate relationship with it, being a private person but it plays such an essential part of my career,’ she said.

The fashion industry personality ended the interview with light advice for prospective models. She said the budding artist must try to broaden their horizons by utilizing unconventional means while looking for success.

‘Now more than ever, there isn’t just one path to wherever you want or need to go. Explore as many options as possible, and don’t rely on one straight road,’ she said.

Charlotte McKinney

The fashion industry personality said that prospective models should consider using unconventional means for success

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