Chrissy Teigen Flaunts Her Cleavage In A Thigh-High Split Evening Gown

Chrissy Teigen was eager to flaunt it. Backstage at the late-night talk show, the cookbook author took several seductive postures in the thigh-high split gown, which she shared on Wednesday with her 36.1 million Instagram followers.

In the behind-the-scenes photographs, John Legend’s wife wore a long, black, double-slit gown and posed sitting upright and horizontally. ‘The cringe factor of an Instagram shoot in front of strangers is level 1000,’ she added of the photographs. ‘The fan and ring lights brought it to 3000,’ she continued the caption with her fun sense of humor. Then she captioned the photo, ‘blessings to the crew!!!’ and tagged her seven-member glam squad.

The blonde bombshell provided plenty of stuff in the form of a slideshow featuring various photographs and video clips. She sprawled out on a brown marbled credenza in front of a wall painted in gold, red, and black letters with the title of her talk show. Teigen put on a leggy performance during the late-night visit, which JB Smoove hosted in place of Jimmy Kimmel.

Her sleeveless gown featured thin straps and highlighted her pert cleavage with vertical silver studs down the bust hem. The costume was completed with black open-toe shoes that lengthened the runway star’s lengthy stems. The mother-of-two reminisced about her modeling days as she posed in various poses and gave the camera smoldering stares. Chrissy cocked her head back as her beautiful, frosty blonde hair blew in gentle waves.

The fashion-forward beauty had a basic manicure accentuated by several rings on both hands. The kitchen maven’s face was glistening with glitzy makeup highlighting her lovely features. A neutral color palette was employed to emphasize her high cheekbones, dark eyes, and full lips.

Chrissy appeared to promote her latest personal endeavor, Cravings: Altogether, a new cookbook. The model was asked during the interview about transferring her family to Las Vegas to support her husband John Legend’s residency, which will begin in April 2022. ‘I am actually excited,’ she responded, ‘because I am going to Adele’s residency!’

Source: Daily Mail

Instagram: Chrissy Teigen