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Christina Aguilera In Leather Gloves Reveals A Bare Top In Bikini

By Celeb Staff
May 16,2022

Christina Aguilera knows how to have a phenomenal time when she’s on stage. And she does so with her signature risque concert fashion that never fails to leave fans in awe. 

Back in 2021, the 41 year-old singer delivered the glam as she waited on her 41st birthday. Clearly, when it comes to Christina, the ageless beauty only gets sexier by the day. From the photoshoot to her concert outfit, Aguilera served undoubtedly the most amazing content. 

Xtina XLI Is Not Playing!

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera performs in a sparkly bodysuit.

Looking forward to her 41st birthday, Christina Aguilera struck a pose topless. She covered up her essentials with a bone-straight silver-blonde weave and black-laced leather-gloved hands. Apparently, the opera gloves were the only item of clothing that the pop icon donned over her incredible frame. That is apart from her unseen underwear. With a right swipe, we can see her sport a pair of dark black sunglasses to glam up her look. They went perfectly with her dark-lined lips and nude blush pink ombre lipstick. The popstar has welcomed her new self with a blast. And there’s no looking back now.

Is It A Bodysuit Or Her Skin?

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera in platinum blonde hair and a black lace sleeve dress

Last fall, Christina Aguilera appeared on stage at the Ladyland concert in a remarkable skintight bodysuit featuring the same color as her natural skin tone. With the dazzling ensemble, she wore a sparkly bikini bottom and purple satin opera gloves. This made it hard to figure out whether it was a bodysuit or her natural body. Upon a closer look though, the lack of a navel button gave it away.

Christina finished off her look with the seven-spiked crown in seafoam green and bat-shaped sunglasses. Seeing it, one user commented,

“I love it A Sexy Statue of Liberty 🗽 costume only Xtina.”

La Fuerza – Part One

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera in a black backless dress at the MTV Movie Awards

In addition to her above appearances, Xtina expressed her gratitude towards fans with another stunning topless photo for their support of her latest album La Fuerza released earlier this year. The vague picture highlighted the star in long wet wavy red hair and G-string bikini bottoms.

La Fuerza, the first part of a Spanish language Extended released on January 1. According to Christina Aguilera, it represents,

“The different elements of what it means to be strong now, as I’ve unlocked new parts of myself as a woman, a fighter, a mother and creator.”

Its All About Finding The Strength Within

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera

“We are all entitled to discovering ourselves, our truth and owning our own personal power in however that feels best for you… Keep discovering yourself. Always remember— even in your weakest moments, how strong you truly are!”

Many of her fans believed that Christina Aguilera was having a hard time accepting her post-baby body. But she proved them wrong by displaying the full bodysuit last year. In addition, Aguilera shut down the rumors with more bare body pictures. The pop icon reminded her fans that even at their weakest moment, there’s an inner strength they can always tap from. Which is basically the entire point that La Fuerza puta across.

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