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Christina Aguilera Unbuttoned, And Pant less To Celebrate International Women’s Day

By Alankar Nayak
February 22,2022

Christina Aguilera celebrates International Women’s Day with thigh-highs, unzipped, and pantless.

The 40-year-old singing diva published her Monday Instagram update precisely on time for a calendar date being honored by everyone from Kelly Ripa to Jessica Simpson — joining them, the songstress updated for her 7.4 million followers and with a bang. Xtina, who went so far as to call out the U.S. Last year, VP Kamala Harris’ famed “I’m speaking” moment included her amazing figure and no panties. Take a look at it below.

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera

Scroll down to see the pantless action. Xtina, who defined a generation as “Beautiful” and ushering in an era of self-acceptance, had updated with a plethora of photos and videos. The Grammy winner began with a no-pants stage image, all queen of her throne on raised stairs with supporting dancers, soon transitioning into a scene from her 2002 hit “Fighter.”

Christina Aguilera

Then came Kamala Harris’ time, with Aguilera including a gif of Harris saying “I’m speaking.” In an unbuttoned leather coat, Xtina then dropped stomping thigh-high boots action. Aguilera, who donned a high blonde ponytail and put out dominatrix vibes, killer thighs, and her strong vocals in her stage throwback, also seemed to have chosen the appropriate song for International Women’s Day.


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“Can’t Hold Us Down” was, of course, a video in which Aguilera was objectified on city streets while singing about standing her ground in the face of contempt and gender discrimination. When it comes to empowerment, Aguilera is no stranger to setting the example.

Take a look at the pool sunbathers below!

Take a look at the pool sunbathers below!

The “Lotus” singer made news in 2019 after winning the Equality Award for LGBTQ Advocacy, during which she expressed her own feelings.

“What I know is that without the acceptance of people who, like myself, were categorized as ‘different,’ I would not have had the power to be where I am today.” “While these social interactions leave me content and fulfilled,” Xtina remarked, “I can’t help but realize the battle to get where we are today.”


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