Clark Gregg Teases Possible Return Of Phil Coulson To The MCU

Clark Gregg Discusses The Potential Return Of Phil Coulson To The Marvel Cinematic Universe (Mcu) In This Exclusive Interview.

By Amitabh Mukherji
May 29,2023

Clark Gregg, known for his portrayal of Phil Coulson in various Marvel projects, recently discussed the possibility of returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in an interview. Coulson was a prominent character in the MCU’s Phase 1, but his story came to an end when Loki killed him in the 2012 film, The Avengers. Despite his character’s demise, Gregg reprised his role as Agent Coulson in the ABC series Agents of SHIELD for seven seasons and had a supporting role in 2019’s Captain Marvel. He also made a comeback in the What If…? animated series on Disney+.

Gregg shared his thoughts on a potential MCU comeback. When asked if there’s a chance he will reprise his role as Phil Coulson in the future, Gregg teased that “there’s always a chance.” He further implied that anything is possible in the Multiverse, hinting at the vast storytelling potential it offers.

Clark Gregg’s Desire To Participate In The MCU’s Expansion

Phil Coulson
Phil Coulson

In a previous interview in August 2021, Gregg expressed his enthusiasm for participating in the MCU’s expansion. He mentioned his excitement about upcoming films like The Eternals and Shang-Chi and expressed his willingness to be involved if there is an opportunity for his character or alter ego to contribute. Gregg’s passion for the expanding MCU demonstrates his eagerness to continue being a part of the Marvel universe.

When asked about the rumors surrounding his possible comeback as Coulson in Secret Invasion, Gregg played coy, acknowledging that he is aware of the speculation. However, he neither confirmed nor denied the rumors, leaving fans curious about what the future holds for his character.

 The Uncertain Fate Of Coulson And Potential Alternate Versions

Phil Coulson
Phil Coulson

During the same interview, Gregg was asked if the Coulson fans knew in The Avengers was a Skrull all along. While Gregg initially claimed that Marvel had confirmed this, it seems he may have been mistaken, potentially confusing the Skrull storyline from Agents of SHIELD’s Season 7. He later corrected himself, suggesting that the Coulson fans saw was a genuine human character, and his relatability and humanity were what resonated with the audience.

As Agents of SHIELD’s series finale hinted at the show being set in an alternate universe, separate from the main Earth of the MCU, Gregg’s comments about the Multiverse gain significance. If the series did take place in a different universe, it opens the possibility for Gregg’s Coulson to return to Earth-616 or Earth-19999 in the future.

However, it remains uncertain whether Gregg’s Phil Coulson will make another appearance, especially considering the character’s satisfying conclusion in Agents of SHIELD. If he were to return, it could potentially be as an alternate version of Coulson, suiting up to make a comeback. For instance, in the upcoming film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, there could be a version of Agent Phil Coulson alive in a universe devastated by Wanda Maximoff’s actions. This alternate Coulson could play a crucial role in assembling the remaining heroes of that Earth, seeking revenge against Earth-616.