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Could Captain Carter’s Appearance In Dr. Strange 2 Make What If Canon?

By Mabel Judith Andrady
February 16,2022

Captain Carter’s appearance in Doctor Strange 2 is the beginning of many more questions beyond the Multiverse. Even though she wasn’t spotlighted in the trailer, there is evidence that she will appear in the film. This is witnessed through Doctor Strange 2’s new poster that features Captain Carter’s shield.

Captain Carter’s live-action debut in Doctor Strange 2 would be a strange choice. The alternate universe version of Steve Rogers’ 1940s love interest was given the vibranium shield and the super soldier serum in the first episode of Marvel’s What If…? series. There is speculation that the character, who helped a group of heroes from the multiverse defeat Evil Dr. Strange at the end of What If…?

Captain Carter’s Story In What If…?

Doctor Strange

Captain Carter, Bucky, and the Howling Commandos stand in the middle of a snowy valley in Marvel’s What If…?

It had already been acknowledged that Captain Carter would appear in at least one episode of Marvel’s What If…? season 2, her return was not a surprise. She was, however, kept out of the public eye for a long time regarding her evident role in Doctor Strange 2.

The possibility that Captain Carter will make an appearance in Doctor Strange 2 begs the questions of why she would be included in the film and how exactly What If…? fits into the equation. In the first place, the inclusion of Captain Carter in the film would prove that the show’s most important marketing promise had been fulfilled.

From the beginning, it was said that What If…? was critical to the overall story and the future of the MCU’s franchise. Doubts about the show’s significance lingered because it was an animated series. Doctor Strange 2 footage, on the other hand, suggests that “What If…?” was far more expensive than previously thought.”

Captain Carter Added To The List Of Doctor Strange 2 Cameos

Captain Carter

Captain Carter

It appears that at least two of the film’s protagonists will appear in it. The first trailer featured an evil Dr. Strange. Because of the shield on Captain Carter’s uniform, many people assumed he was the same person who appeared in What If…? Shuma-Gorath, whom Captain Carter fought in Episode One, is also an issue. The events and characters of What If…? season 1 appears to have a strong influence on the plot of Doctor Strange 2.

In light of the significance of the multiverse as a plot device, that does make perfect sense. Uatu the Watcher, who is linked to both Captain Carter and Evil Doctor Strange, could play a role in Doctor Strange 2’s exploration of the multiverse and how it works.

To Strange, Scarlet Witch, and America Chavez, Captain Carter’s role in Marvel’s What If…? could have set her up as a possible ally (Xochitl Gomez). While fighting Evil Doctor Strange in the Second World War, she became a Watcher champion who could be relied upon to protect the multiverse from harm. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness could lead to her joining forces with the film’s heroes to take on the film’s villain.

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