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Could Harry Styles’ Eros Eventually Become An Avenger In The MCU?

By Mabel Judith Andrady
November 21,2021

Harry Styles’ Eros in the MCU came as a surprise for many fans of both the artist and Marvel. Eternals succeeds in adding a slew of interesting new characters to the MCU all at once, despite the universally low initial ratings. Newcomers like Starfox and the former One Direction star have a lot of potential in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Eternals concludes with the remaining immortals deciding to pursue their paths. Kingo, Phastos, and Sersi decide to stay on Earth because of their social ties, while Thena, Makkari, and Druig board the Domo to search for other Eternals to illuminate across the universe. After a portal appeared on their spaceship, Pip the Troll and his master Starfox assert that their fellow Eternals are in danger—and he knows where to find them.

Harry Styles’ Eros, better known as Starfox, is the Marvel Comics’ epitome of desire, opposing his brother Thanos, the harbinger of death. On The Domo, Starfox is also an Eternal. His arrival in the MCU is perfectly timed. Fans will have to wait and see what the new character brings to the franchise. Some theories have been floating around about Harry Styles’ Starfox and whether or not he will join the Avengers, while others have been based solely on info from the comic books.

Superhero team-ups with Starfox in the comic books

Starfox with the Avengers

Starfox with the Avengers

Harry Styles’ Eros is a carefree womanizer in the Marvel Comics canon who sets the criteria of his life around hedonic excess. This psychic ability, manifested in the form of a psychic personality, allows Starfox to control the minds of those around him, making them euphoric, sedated, or aroused at his command. He is both carefree and cunning. Even though he has mind-control abilities, Starfox is determined to be a superhero in the Marvel universe and has participated in numerous essential missions throughout his extensive comic book storyline.

As a member of the Avengers, Starfox has been a part of several notable groups in his Marvel career. As part of the Avengers’ training program, Eros was accepted because he immediately changed his codename to “Starfox” after arriving on Earth. It wasn’t long before Starfox was inducted as an official member of the Avengers after helping the team defeat Annihilus. He then resurrected the ailing Vision and fought off Terminus before subduing the infamous Morgan Le Fay.

With his Avenger title, Starfox has also aided Marvel characters across multiple timelines and continuity. When Spider-Man and Pip the troll were searching for a weakness for Terminus, Eros’s partnership with the Marvel character was a constant presence. Marvel fans will remember Starfox from his time with the Dark Guardians as a member of a group that worked together to prevent Thanos from taking over Gamora’s body and resurrecting himself as Thanos.

Starfox can answer questions about the origin of Thanos


In both Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, Thanos is given the full attention of Earth’s heroes, but both films devote only a tiny amount of time explaining his origins. In contrast to Starfox, Harry Styles’ Starfox’s backstory on Titan can shed light on the Mad Titan’s origins in greater detail.

His connection to Thanos will help shed light on Titan’s history and its inevitable demise as his brother descends into a state of twilight. Almost every aspect of Marvel Comics’ Starfox character is designed to be the exact opposite of his brother. This follows Jim Starlin’s original intention to create two characters that represented the concepts of Thanatos and Eros, aka death and desire, respectively.

Eternal heritage and physiology are apparent in Starfox’s appearance in Marvel’s Eternals at the end of the series, making him an Eternal in every sense of the word. This means he’s got the regeneration, super-strength, and other qualities that make the Eternals so formidable. Additionally, Starfox can shed some light on the early years of Thanos, given that the Mad Titan is a Deviant in the Marvel comics canon.

Will Starfox join the ranks of the Avengers in the future?


Despite Harry Styles’ brief appearance as Eros, his Marvel Comics backstory strongly indicates that the MCU’s Avengers will at least cross paths with him in the future. His orb has already revealed that Starfox is communicating with another Celestial, suggesting that he is aware of the current events in the MCU’s Phase 4 as he offers to assist Thena, Druig, and Makkari in saving their kind from extinction.

When Pip introduces Starfox, he compellingly notes his lineage as Thanos’ brother. This line will unquestionably be explored the next time Eros is seen on-screen as the Eternals are acutely aware of the Mad Titan and his actions on Earth.

Starfox is also likely to join the Avengers. The Avengers will face villains like Annihilus and Terminus, whose defeat in the original comics was heavily influenced by Starfox’s actions and powers. Starfox and Spider-Man have a friendly relationship that could lead to future appearances together, including a meeting with Doctor Strange when it comes to the multiverse.

In summary, the Eternals mid-credits scene shows that it is possible to integrate the Eternals into the MCU intentionally. Starfox’s Eternal heritage makes him the ideal repository to introduce the Eternals and himself to other beloved MCU properties, with the Avengers being his next logical destination.

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