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Could Scarlet Witch Have Saved Vision With Darkhold?

By Sumit Sahu
August 11,2022

Scarlet Witch showed how powerful and rogue she is. She proved to the entire MCU fraternity that she could do whatever she wanted if that felt right to her. 

Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness showed a vicious battle between sorcery and witchcraft. And clearly, fans think sorcery was way too overrated when it is against witchcraft. 

The big question is, what would have happened if Scarlet Witch headed to change the Infinity War events rather than searching for the kids she never really had?

It is time to find that out in a theoretical way! 

Westview Collapsed And Wanda Get The Darkhold!



After Wanda had to surrender the city of Westview for the sake of humanity, she lost her kids, whom she created out of witchcraft. 

And with them, Vision vanished as well. Wanda was broken again with no shoulder to lean on. Steve Rogers was a mentor to Wanda, but even he rested his shield after the End Game fight. 

She was all by herself and wanted to change things in her ways. In this reality, she didn’t crave for the kids but Vision. Everything wrong that happened to her was right after Thanos pierced a hole in Vision’s mind to take his stone. 

So, she decides to save Vision and keep him alive with more power than she had in the past. She opens the Darkhold and starts consuming its powers and spells to strengthen her potential. 

She felt ready to intervene with the multiverse and head out to a universe where she could save Vision, live with him forever, and fulfill all her desires and dreams without a sigh of grief. 

The Turnaround Events Of Doctor Strange: Multiverse Of Madness



Wanda was ready to go to any extent to obtain the powers of America Chavez and travel the multiverse at ease. Even though she kept hearing the voices of her kids from different universes, she focused on the words. Vision said to her, “You can never hurt me!”

Wanda unleashed supernatural beings from other worlds after America Chavez to abduct her and snatch her powers. But Stephen Strange came in the way and gave her the protection she needed at Kamartaj. 

When Stephen visited Wanda for help, he said, “We need your help as someone is behind a kid and wants her powers. It is witchcraft, and at Kamartaj, we sorcerers cannot handle her all by ourselves.”

Wanda replies, “So, is she safe? Does she has control over her powers?”

Stephen was shocked and said, “I never said that she is a girl, and I never mentioned whether she can control her powers or not.”

Wanda changes her avatar and reveals the truth to Stephen Strange. She says with sobbing eyes,

“I want Vision alive! Without Stark, it is impossible in this universe to bring him back to life. And even if the best of worlds come together to bring Vision back to life, he will still not be the same. Because I didn’t live the robot he was, I loved the sense of understanding he had.”

Stephen replied to this by saying,

“We all thought you have grown mature to accept the reality. But you are rejecting it. I would have happily helped you if this didn’t involve a blood bath. But by sending those beings after that kid, you endangered many lives. This is not what Vision or anyone would have wanted.”

Scarlet Witch changes her expression with anger and frustration and says, “You surrendered the time stone, and half the population of this world lost their lives. You could have defeated him by using it, but you didn’t because you had to save Stark. And for that, I had to lose Vision.” 

Strange was silent and wanted to answer that the events were different on Titan. 

The Realisation!

Wanda Sees Vision Happy

Wanda Vision

In this reality, America Chavez pushed Scarlet to a universe where Vision was alive, but Wanda wasn’t. Vision’s mind stone was beeping as Wanda was approaching him. She broke down in front of Vision. 

Vision said, “You are in tremendous guilt. I can sense that. What have you done to be here?” 

America speaks from behind, saying, “She killed hundreds and probably thousands from the other universes to get you. You were killed fighting Thanos, and she never moved on with it.”

Vision asked Scarlet Witch to stop this quest and said,

“If I am dead, it was for a greater good in that universe, and you have witnessed it. We were the Avengers, our life’s motive was to keep humanity above ourselves. I moved on to continue with my duty even when you died saving me that day. I was sad, and my life was on a halt, but the world needed me, my team needed me. My Wanda could have never done this. My Wanda would never take a life after what we shared. You and Thanos seem the same, Wanda. Go back and let me be with the memories of a Wanda who was nothing like you. Good Bye.”

Wanda broke down and eventually realised what she did was pointless. The number of lives she took at Kamartaj and other universes made her the evil she never wanted to be. She destroys the Darkhold and the wall engravings of those spells and, with immense guilt, surrenders herself to death. 


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