Courtney Stodden Flaunts Her Amazing Curves In A Provocative Thong

On Tuesday, Courtney Stodden was the perfect bikini babe as she and her friends enjoyed a beach day in Miami. The 27-year-old beauty was photographed frolicking through the waves in an itty bitty thong bikini that showcased their beautiful features.

Not only did Courtney take a dip in the ocean, but they also caught up on some Edgar Allan Poe reading. Courtney looked stunning as they took to the waves, their gym-honed bodies on full display. The celebrity fearlessly waded through the water while wearing boyfriend Chris Sheng’s stunning engagement ring and conversing on their cell phone. As they emerged from the pool with a face full of makeup, the model brushed their fingers through their cascading brown curls.

Once Courtney got to dry ground, the fun continued as they took a swing set and shot a few photographs. Courtney also made up for lost time with their Edgar Allan Poe book. The actor reclined on a towel while they leafed through his collected works. A day at the beach looked like the ideal way for Courtney to decompress following an eventful year that featured the release of some new music. On Tuesday, Courtney shared a May music video, Pleasure.

Courtney danced on a ranch in a seductive black and gold bodysuit, flanked by a squad of backup dancers. Several months after Courtney claimed they were victimized by Chrissy Teigen’s cyberbullying, the new tweet comes several months after. Chrissy directed several mean-spirited tweets at Courtney in 2011, one of which urged the then-16-year-old star to commit suicide.

Courtney was a pop culture sensation due to her ill-advised marriage to actor Doug Hutchison, who is now 61. In 2020, the contentious couple divorced. When Chrissy’s troubling remarks appeared again in May, the 36-year-old wife of John Legend apologized on Twitter for her previous online behavior, which she blamed on being an ‘insecure, attention-seeking troll.’ ‘I am ashamed and humiliated by my behaviour, but it pales in comparison to how I made Courtney feel,’ read one clip from Chrissy’s multi-tweet apology.

Though Chrissy appeared anxious to make amends, Courtney claimed that Chrissy blocked them on Twitter, preventing them from viewing the apology for themselves.

Source: Daily mail

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