Creed 3 Exclusively Streaming On Amazon Prime Video: A Rocky Franchise Takeover?
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Creed 3 Exclusively Streaming On Amazon Prime Video: A Rocky Franchise Takeover?

Get The Latest On Creed 3’s Exclusive Streaming Release On Amazon Prime Video, Potentially Marking A Takeover Of The Rocky Franchise By The Streaming Giant.

By Amitabh Mukherji
May 27,2023

Fans of Creed 3 can now mark their calendars as the official streaming release date for the film has been revealed, along with the platform it will be available on. The third installment of the Creed franchise made its theatrical debut in March, garnering positive reactions from both fans and critics and solidifying its place among the best in the Rocky series.

Streaming Release Date And Platform

Creed 3

Amazon Prime Video has officially listed Creed 3 for a streaming release on Friday, June 9, just over three months after its theatrical release. The film was previously released on 4K Ultra HD, DVD, and Blu-Ray on May 23, and became available for digital purchase on March 31 through platforms like Amazon Video and iTunes.

Prime Video was the expected streaming home for Creed 3, as the movie is produced by MGM, which was acquired by Amazon in May 2021. Additionally, all the previous Rocky and Creed movies are currently available for streaming on Prime Video, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the entire boxing saga.

Significance Of Streaming For Rocky & Creed

Creed 3

Following the success of Creed 3, Michael B. Jordan, who stars in the film alongside Jonathan Majors, has expressed his plans to expand the boxing saga into a larger cinematic universe. With the positive reception and box office success of the threequel, Amazon and MGM are reportedly working on various projects spanning both film and television.

The studio is said to be developing a spin-off movie focused on Drago, as well as a project centered around Amara, the daughter of Adonis Creed, who embarks on her own boxing journey in Creed 3. Additionally, both an anime and a live-action series set in the Rocky universe are in the works.

The Future Of Rocky And Creed On Streaming

Creed 3

Streaming platforms will play a crucial role in the future of the iconic boxing franchise. Just as Disney+ serves as the hub for Marvel and Star Wars content, along with original series, Amazon Prime Video aims to provide the same comprehensive experience for the Rocky and Creed franchise. With the acquisition of MGM and the release of Creed 3 on their platform, Amazon Prime Video is positioning itself as the streaming destination for fans to indulge in the entire boxing saga and explore future projects in this cinematic universe.