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Daisy Ridley Reportedly In Talks With Lucasfilm To Return To Star Wars

For now, the three trilogies spanning Skywalker Saga is finally over. However, it looks like the last Skywalker isn’t done yet. There have been persistent rumours for the last couple of years regarding Daisy Ridley’s return to the faraway galaxy once again. 

Now a new report claims that Daisy Ridley is in fact currently talking with Disney and Lucasfilm, and wants to reprise her role as the last of the Skywalker line. 

Daisy Ridley In Talks With The Studio To Reprise Her Role As Rey

Giant Freakin Robot(GFR) is saying that Ridley is in talks with Lucasfilm in regards to reprising the role that shot her to stardom. GFR says that right now they don’t know how far the discussions are along or what kind of project it’s going to be. However, the outlet does say that they are sure of the news that Ridley is talking about reprising her role as Rey. 

This report comes on the heels of Youtuber Mike Zeroh saying that the house of mouse is developing a film based on Rey’s and Kylo’s son, who will turn out to be the next lead of the Star Wars cinematic franchise. However, we do want to mention that there’s no real connection between the two rumours apart from the Rey part. 

This is because GFR is speculating that the Chaos Walking star might comeback in a Disney+ Star Wars project as well. The outlet even says that it might be for an animated project. 

Will Daisy Ridley Actually Return To The Galaxy?

The entire sequel trilogy cast has not been very enthused about returning. However, while Oscar Issac, John Boyega, and even Kelly Marie Tran have been dismissive of any return chances, Ridley has been not been… that dismissive. 

After all, she was the one who said that leaving the galaxy far far away felt like grieving. So if any cast member does return then it will definitely be her. After all, we know that Episode IX’s ending was left open-ended in a more-adventures-to-come way. So there’s definitely plenty more ways to explore Rey better. 

Right now Disney and Lucasfilm are laser-focused on exploring more of the prequel and original trilogy. However, it’s inevitable that one day, hopefully, sooner rather than later, this focus will fall on developing the sequel trilogy more. As for how much you should trust this rumour- as we always say, take every rumour with a pinch of salt till it gets confirmed by the studio. 

Source: Giant Freakin Robot

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