Daniel Craig In Doctor Strange 2? Deleted MCU Costume Revealed

What could have been Daniel Craige’s role in Doctor Strange 2? The movie received mixed reviews, although the narrative had a lot going for it, one of which was a prominent appearance by the Illuminati.

John Krasinki was reportedly not the first option for a cameo part in Dr. Strange 2, according to TMZ. This information comes from a tweet sent out by Deadline journalist Justin Kroll, who back in May claimed that Daniel Craig in Doctor Strange 2 was initially cast in this part since he was in London during the COVID scandal and unable to film the American scenes.

Elizabeth Olsen revealed in a fascinating interview with Vanity Fair that she had never met director John Krasinski before shooting began on the picture. True or not? What if it’s a long-time Marvel artist having a little fun? In the past, she’s been known to keep her mouth zipped regarding significant film releases she’s involved in. As a result, we may never know for sure.

In response to people who wondered why Craig would fly to shoot his part in Knives Out 2 at the same time as Marvel, Kroll explained.


Was Craig envisioned as Mr. Fantastic rather than Krasinski?

This is the kind of appearance you’d expect from Craig if he’s going to play Reed Richards. Some people believe that Craig played Balder the Brave, a character with a closer relationship to Thor than anybody else in the cast.

TMZ claims that Craig’s blonde hair makes this a bit more plausible, but in a movie where a protagonist is transformed into spaghetti and another battle a giant tentacle monstrosity, blonde hair can be digitally tinted.

Deleted MCU Costumes Get a First Look!

Since the news about Craig’s apparent missed opportunity in the MCU, there are now some new images from Darrell Warner that may provide a glimpse of Daniel Craig’s deleted moment in the Multiverse of Madness in Doctor Strange.

Warner Bros. released four images and a brief about the character, adding that he didn’t want to divulge too much about the character, but he did provide the following hint.

“Small series of a Work in Progress (without giving away the character!)…..Clues include: Costume Design by Graham Churchyard | Brother to Thor & L0ki…….Costume watercolor of an actor who could not fulfill the role.”

This first illustration displayed the character’s whole frame in pencil. Balder the Brave is seen in the picture compared to the film’s indications and earlier reports. Daniel Craig was initially reported to play the role.

Marvel Studios

Fans can notice the influence of the Asgardian style on the garment with a bit of color added.

MCU Costume

Forgotten is the legend of Odin’s ravens, a theme that includes a raven. Thor and Loki momentarily appear in the first Avengers film after the Quinjet disaster, and they appear again in Thor: The Dark World when Odin makes his appearance.


A clear picture of the character is provided for individuals curious about how he appears in the comics.

Marvel Comics

What if…Balder?

Balder is Thor and Loki’s sibling in the comics. Odin and Frigga gave him immortality in response to a prophecy that his death would usher in Ragnarok. Loki once forced his essence into the Destroyer robot (the one featured in Thor). Hence the character has a particular affinity to it.

Is he ever going to return to Earth-616? Odinson’s second sibling has never been mentioned in any of the films. Given that Hela played the long-lost sibling prank in Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel Studios is unlikely to do it again.

Never say never; as the Marvel Cinematic Universe has taught us repeatedly, Balder might be the next character to undergo a similar transformation for his MCU debut, following in the footsteps of many others.

The second season of Loki would be a great spot for Balder to come up. There may be a universe where Tom Hiddleston’s character, Thor, never existed, and Balder was instead monarch to the throne of Asgard. This might open the door to a different kind of brotherly relationship between Chris Hemsworth’s Avenger and Loki, which would be an interesting contrast.

That the character came so close to being included in the sequel to Doctor Strange 2 suggests that Marvel Studios is at least considering him for future projects. Since Earth-616 isn’t the only place Balder may appear, there are many additional possibilities in the Multiverse.