Daredevil Reportedly Appearing In Disney+’s She-Hulk Show

If there’s one character from the Netflix Marvel shows that fans want to see in the MCU, then it’s Daredevil. Right now, there’s no official news about which show or movie he will show up in, but there’s a lot of rumors circulating that the Man Without Fear might appear first in a Disney+ show that’s set to air in 2022. And it’s She-Hulk.

Daredevil Might Appear In She-Hulk

She-Hulk And Daredevil

This was first reported by YouTuber Grace Randolph and then later corroborated by Brandon Davis on the Phase Zero Podcast. Note that an interesting thing about his appearance in the MCU is that, in she-Hulk, he won’t show up as just Matt Murdock, but as Daredevil too.

She-Hulk is going to be a fourth-wall-breaking legal comedy that stars Tatiana Maslany, Mark Ruffalo, Ginger Gonzaga, and Tim Roth. It’s said to feature multiple villains and will most probably also have a villain-of-the-week scenario. So, it’s possible that Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk) will be clashing with Matt Murdock in the courtroom while interacting with him as Daredevil outside of it.

The Daredevil Past And Future

Save Daredevil campaign poster

Charlie Cox played Daredevil for 3 seasons in the Marvel/Netflix series. It marked the first major foray of the character into live-action since the 2003 movie starring Ben Affleck. The show was wildly successful and helped launch an entire Netflix universe full of little-known Marvel superheroes.

But the entire universe was ultimately cancelled. However, fan interest in Daredevil never quite waned, and the fans started the #Savedaredevil campaign. Also, they trended the show heavily on the 2nd anniversary of the cancellation of the show.

Now, the 2nd anniversary of the show was an important mark since it was widely reported that Daredevil was off-limits to the MCU for 2 years after its cancellation. This was because of Marvel Television’s contract with Netflix. But after that, the character is free for use. And since Marvel is now introducing the multiverse, so there are multiple ways he can be introduced in the MCU.

Daredevil In Spider-Man: No Way Home?

Daredevil and Spider-Man

As said before, rumors about Charlie Cox showing up as Daredevil/Matt Murdock in the MCU have been going around the block for a while. In fact, it was even being said that he might show up in the Spider-Man: No Way Home movie as Peter Parker’s lawyer after the events of Far From Home.

Right now, the possibilities remain endless, and we are excited to see if Charlie Cox actually turns up in the show. As of now, She-Hulk doesn’t have a set premiere date, but it’s being widely speculated that it will be the first Disney+ Marvel release of 2022.

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