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Daredevil’s Charlie Cox Sheds Light On Future Marvel Crossovers

By Mabel Judith Andrady
February 8,2022

Since its release less than two months ago, NWH has shattered numerous box office records. Marvel characters make cameo appearances in the film, which is full of action and drama. Some of these were teased in trailers and other promotional materials. Meanwhile, many viewers were taken completely by surprise when they were actually shown in theaters.

Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock, who plays Peter Parker’s lawyer in the Marvel Netflix series Daredevil, makes a brief appearance in the film. Fans around the world have gasped at the brief but powerful moment.

Speculation about where the devil of Hell’s Kitchen will next appear in the MCU has run rampant since Murdock’s reappearance. Since the self-proclaimed “really good lawyer” is said to be teaming up with Marvel’s other renowned attorney in her debut series, She-Hulk seems to be the most likely candidate. According to reports, Murdock will appear in full Daredevil garb. Here, he will sport his classic “yellow digs” rather than the red suit he became famous in.

Cox remains tight-lipped about when he’ll return to the role of Daredevil. Nonetheless, the actor’s excitement to reprise the role has yet to wane.

Charlie Cox’s Return As Daredevil



Following the cancelation of Daredevil, Charlie Cox spoke with Supanova Comic Con & Gaming about making a comeback in the role of Matt Murdock, saying that he hopes he gets to “do as much as [he’s] allowed.” He also mentioned that “crossovers” are the next project on his list:

“I don’t know what their plans are, but yes, my hope is that I get to do as much as I’m allowed to do, and to be involved. And it’d be really fun. The one thing that being in the MCU allows [things] that we couldn’t really do with the Netflix stuff, is that I can now interact with other MCU characters. So, that would be really cool. Crossovers is the thing I would like to do next. I don’t know what that looks like, and I don’t know what they’re planning and all that kind of stuff. But there are some really interesting stories there that I’d love for the character to explore.”

“I hope it never ends,” Cox said of his desire to stay on in the role for as long as possible:

“And I hope, I don’t want to sound greedy, but I hope I get to do loads more. I hope I get to be involved way, way more for many years. hope it never ends. I hope it gets to the point where people are like, ‘You are too old to be playing this part.'”

Charlie Cox’s Daredevil Future In The MCU

Charlie Cox as Daredevil

Charlie Cox as Daredevil

As soon as Matt Murdock makes an appearance in the MCU, it seems inevitable that he will return to the series in the near future. Cox has expressed his desire to play the character for as long as possible.

Fortunately, there are a number of upcoming projects where his character would fit perfectly, including She-Hulk. She-Hulk will star Jennifer Walters as a lawyer. For this reason, it’s possible that she and Murdock will run into each other at work in the upcoming series.

When will the Hawkeye spin-off Echo, starring Charlie Cox as Daredevil, debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? That has yet to be determined. This season’s Maya Lopez has already had an encounter with Kingpin, a villain with a longstanding feud with Marvel’s most famous superhero. Both heroes could join forces to take him on in that series.

Anyone can make a cameo appearance in the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness movie. NWH’s Matt Murdock may or may not be the same Matt Murdock seen in Netflix’s Daredevil series. And so the Multiverse of Madness could be a good time to check it out.

Regardless of where Cox appears next, fans can expect to see Daredevil interact with a wide range of MCU heroes and villains for years to come thanks to Cox’s enthusiasm for the franchise and crossovers in particular.

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