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Daredevil’s Return May Happen, All Thanks To The Moon Knight Trailer

By Mabel Judith Andrady
January 21,2022

Moon Knight’s recent trailer clearly demonstrates Daredevil’s return to the MCU. Both are violent and brutal in equal measure. The Moon Knight trailer teases the origin story of Oscar Isaac’s superhero in the MCU. At the same time, the trailer also included several other yet-to-be-announced MCU projects. If Charlie Cox’s Daredevil ever makes a comeback in the MCU, it will likely be because of the apparent tonal similarities between Disney+’s Moon Knight and Netflix’s Daredevil.

Moon Knight Makes Room For Daredevil



This is the most successful of Netflix’s Marvel shows because of its gritty, violent tone and brutal portrayal of the Man Without Fear. There was a lot of speculation after Cox appeared as Matt Murdock on NWH that Daredevil would make a return in Phase 4 of the MCU. After the release of Moon Knight’s trailer, it was unclear exactly how Marvel would handle the established tone of the character’s eponymous show.

According to Moon Knight’s trailer, it will be as brutal as Daredevil is. As a result, Disney will be able to bring back Daredevil in a way that many thought was impossible before the upcoming Disney+ show. It shows that the MCU will not shy away from the more brutally violent aspects of its grittier heroes, in particular.

The Violence Brings Both Shows Together



Critics and fans alike have drawn comparisons between Moon Knight’s demeanor and some of the darkest heroes from comic books. This includes Batman. For a brief glimpse into the brutality of the upcoming MCU Daredevil, the trailer paints an interesting picture of the character’s darker moments in the MCU. Because the MCU’s intended audience was slightly younger than Netflix’s, Netflix’s Daredevil had a higher level of violence than the MCU.

A certain level of brutality is shown in the Moon Knight trailer shows that has not yet been seen in the MCU. This, as well as a level of complexity that mirrors Netflix’s most popular Marvel show. There are hints of this in Isaac’s layered portrayal of the title character, which can be seen in the trailer alone. Additionally, this alleviates fears that some Daredevil characters might not work in the MCU, particularly after Kingpin’s disastrous introduction in Hawkeye.

Moon Knight

The Moon Knight trailer appears to have put any lingering doubts about Charlie Cox’s future as Daredevil to rest. Moon Knight subtly shifts expectations for future Daredevil appearances in the MCU by following a superhero with a darker, more brutal story than many of those already established in the MCU. There is more to Moon Knight’s brutality and bloodshed than that. And it is already looking like the perfect stepping stone for the MCU to adopt the darker tone of Netflix’s Daredevil.

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