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Darkest Versions Of The Beloved She-Hulk From Marvel Comics

By Chandraboli Majumdar
September 22,2022

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law is now in full force with new episodes releasing every week. Fans have fallen in love with Jen Walters aka She-Hulk played brilliantly by Tatiana Maslany. She is cute, funny, lovable, relatable and an amazing lawyer. Jen Walters is also a superhero who cares about people and has a lot of principles. However, there are some much darker versions of She-Hulk in Marvel comics who rival her otherwise good-natured kindness. So here are a few of those versions.

1. Zombie She-Hulk

Zombie She-Hulk from Earth-2149

Zombie She-Hulk from Earth-2149

She-Hulk was a part of the Marvel Zombies storyline in the comics. She lived on Earth-2149 and was affected by the Zombie plague just as the rest of the Avengers. As a matter of fact, she was turned by the Avengers themselves. This version of She-Hulk liked eating brains and people so she is definitely quite different from the sweet natured Jen Walters from Earth-616. This version also killed both Franklin Richards and his sister Valeria. When Invisible woman and Mr. Fantastic came back to see both their children dead, they were heartbroken. Eventually, Sue Storm killed She-Hulk by exploding her head. Eating children is definitely a pretty despicable act.

2. HYDRA She-Hulk

Host of HYDRA Queen

Host of the HYDRA Queen

The Jen Walters from Earth-9997 was infected by a bunch of Hydra creatures in the Marvel comics. These creatures were created by Norman Osborne to get revenge on SHIELD. This made She-Hulk the host of Queen Hydra. The moment she became Queen Hydra’s host, her soul disappeared from her body and went into the Realm of the Dead. As Queen Hydra, this version of Walters became the leader of the HYDRA army. She led the attack against SHIELD and even succeeded in dismantling it entirely. Her leadership was undoubted and she helped HYDRA escape the Avengers and sustained them throughout. Obviously being a part of a Nazi regime is a pretty dark turn from her otherwise funny personality.

3. Lyra



This is the child of Thundra and She-Hulk known as Lyra. While this version of Jen Walters is not nearly dark enough as the Hydra or the Zombie versions, she is still quite different from the Jen we know. She does not have too many principles and definitely is not opposed to killing and taking lives. Another unique distinction is that Lyra loses power the angrier she gets. What’s even more important about this version is the world she comes from. The world is divided into two factions on the basis of gender and has extremely toxic patriarchal roots.

4. Mutated She-Hulk after a nuclear war

Mutated She-Hulk

Mutated She-Hulk

This is another dark version of She-Hulk. She belongs to a dystopian world that was victim to a nuclear war and experienced unimaginable fallout. As a result she was mutated and practically driven crazy. She even wanted to kill Betty-6 while she was pregnant with Maestro’s child. In fact, even after seeing the newborn child she did not hesitate from the goal. This version of Jen Walters basically became a monster. Fortunately she was killed before she could carry out this horrendous task.

5. Elizabeth Ross

Elizabeth Ross becomes She-Hulk

Elizabeth Ross becomes She-Hulk

This version of Betty Ross has been described as invariably heartless. She lacks all sorts of morals and would happily use manipulation and deceit to get her way with things. Betty had taken a dose of the super soldier serum to become She-Hulk. In a fight with Wolverine she even gouged out his eyes which seems pretty out of character for the Earth 616 Jen Walters.

6. Exile’s Weapon X She Hulk

Weapon X Exiles in Marvel comics

Weapon X Exiles

This version of She-Hulk was initially a mob lawyer or rather bookkeeper. However during the Weapon X project she aided Age of apocalypse’s Sabertooth and his team which was branded as the evil team in the comic series. She essentially helped them fix realities but did so in an extremely brutal way.

7. Red She-Hulk

Red She-Hulk in Marvel comics

Red She-Hulk

This is another Hulked version of Betty Ross in Marvel comics. She is also known as Harpy. Red She-Hulk has had a contentious relationship with Hulk as she has tried to kill him a bunch of times but loved him still. She was bitter, revengeful and extremely vindictive. She was even addicted to her Gamma power which often led her to become crazy and uncontrollable. This version of the beloved green Jen Walters is definitely the darkest one and also the one most likely to become a full fledged villain. Marvel could even introduce her into the MCU and have an epic fight between her and She-Hulk from Earth-616.

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