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Darth Vader: A Star Wars Story Fan Trailer Will Make You Root For The Iconic Villain

If there’s a beloved property, then chances are that you are going to get a fan trailer of it some time or the other. So if you have snooped around on the internet, then you would have found trailers for Venom 2, Spider-Man 4, Interstellar 2, Batman 2, and even more. Another huge property that has fans making trailers all the time is Star Wars. There are a lot of extremely loved characters in that franchise and one among them is Darth Vader.

The theme music, stature, dialogues, story, and presence have made people fans of this iconic villain. As such, there are many who want to see his full story unfold. But since that isn’t happening for him now on the big or small screen, so fans decided to take matters in their own hands and create an amazing trailer for the Vader they want to see.

Fan Trailer Of Lord Vader Will Make You A Fan Of The Iconic Villain

Youtuber Teaser PRO has created an amazing concept trailer for Darth Vader. The editing and sound is on point. In fact, it makes it seem like Lucasfilm could totally explore Vader’s later life using this as an inspiration. Sure, we already have the Prequel Trilogy that explored the complete early life of Vader as well as that cool appearance in Rogue One (2016), but there’s very little known about the antagonist’s later life.

After all, he didn’t show up at all in the Sequel Trilogy in any way at all. However, it must be mentioned that his grandson did inherit his evilness. So his dark-side did thrive and live on.

Can We Get A Darth Vader Solo Movie?

Once upon a time, before Solo flopped at the box office, Lucasfilm has a tonne of spin-offs and solo movies planned. But after that box-office bomb, all of those were scrapped and made into Disney+ shows. However, this is not a bad thing at all. After all, now we have The Mandalorian and next up is the Obi-Wan Kenobi show. There Darth Vader is said to show up.

So if that show does well then there’s a chance that we can get a solo film or at the very least a Disney+ show about the dark lord.

However, we want to reiterate that there’s nothing official about any kind of Vader movie as of now. But would we love to see one of the coolest bad guys in cinematic history show up on our screens again? Yes of course.

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