Dave Filoni's Singular Writing Credit For Ahsoka Sparks Debate Among Star Wars Fans
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Dave Filoni’s Singular Writing Credit For Ahsoka Sparks Debate Among Star Wars Fans

Lucasfilm Has Announced The Writing Credits For Ahsoka, The Highly Anticipated Disney+ Series, With Dave Filoni As The Sole Writer For All Eight Episodes.

By Amitabh Mukherji
May 6,2023

Lucasfilm has officially announced the writing credits for the highly anticipated Disney+ show, Ahsoka. The eight-episode series will feature Rosario Dawson as the titular former Jedi, who is on a mission to find the infamous Grand Admiral Thrawn. Along the way, Ahsoka will team up with characters from Star Wars: Rebels, including Sabine, Hera, and Ezra Bridger, among others.

Dave Filoni: The Sole Writer

Dave Filoni

Dave Filoni

The Writer’s Guild of America website has revealed that Dave Filoni, the showrunner, is the sole credited writer for all eight episodes. This is a unique situation as multiple writers usually take on different episodes of a show. Even Jon Favreau did not write all the episodes of The Mandalorian. However, Filoni has been involved with Ahsoka since the beginning of the character’s existence, and with his increasing position at Lucasfilm, it makes sense for him to be the sole writer for the series.

Filoni’s Involvement With Ahsoka

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Filoni has been heavily involved with every project that tells a story with Ahsoka. He did not write E K Johnson’s Ahsoka book, but he was involved with the process and consulted with the author. Filoni also wrote an episode of Tales of the Jedi that retold Johnson’s book in a new, shorter, animated installment.

In a recent interview with Screenrant, Filoni talked about his process of creating Ahsoka, and how it has mirrored his own growth as a filmmaker. He also discussed how he had to re-learn the subtleties and nuances of writing a script for live-action compared to animation.

Expectations For Ahsoka



Having Filoni write all eight episodes of Ahsoka is a great sign, given his talent and involvement with the character. Fans of Star Wars: Rebels are excited about the direct sequel aspect of the show and are eagerly anticipating its release. Hopefully, the series will exceed the heavy expectations that have already been created.