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DC Confirms That Stan Lee’s Justice League Is Part Of Their Universe

By Ishita Chatterjee
June 24,2021

About 20 years ago, Stan Lee worked with Marvel’s distinguished competition DC comics to create his own version of their superpowered earth protecting team- The Justice League. He created his own versions of Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, etc. Nowadays, no one really remembers what he did with the team since his Justice League ideas have faded into obscurity. 

However, DC recently confirmed that Lee’s version of the Justice League still exists and one member from it will be making a surprising cameo in the next Infinite Frontier #1. 

Stan Lee Puts His Spin On DC Heroes

Stan Lee and Justice League

Stan Lee’s series was called Just Imagine and it pretty boldly reinvented the roster of DC’s major superheroes. He gave them new identities as well as backstories. For example, Batman was called Wayne Williams and he was a professional wrestler who was falsely accused of murdering his father. As for Superman, he was called Salden and his powers didn’t show up till he came to earth. 

Want to know about Flash? Stan Lee named The Flash Mary Maxwell and gave her an origin where she gained superspeed after injecting hummingbird DNA into herself in a bid to save herself from a life-threatening disease. Lee also had similar quirky takes on other DC stalwart characters like Catwoman, Shazam!, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Sandman, Green Lantern, and Robin. 

DC Confirms That Stan Lee’s Justice League Version Is Canon

Stan Lee and Justice League

In the previews for Infinite Frontier #1 by Joshua Williamson, Xermanico, and Romulo Fajardo Jr., The Flash (Barry Allen) is seen running across the entire multiverse and he sees various versions of the heroes on an alternate earth. As he is speeding by the various realities, readers will notice that one of the earth’ Wonder Woman is holding a spear. This version is named Marie Mendoza and she is from Stan Lee’s Just Imagine universe. 

So this proves that Stan Lee’s Justice League roster still exists in the DC multiverse. Obviously, Mendoza’s cameo is really small and easy to miss. But even this little cameo goes a long way to confirm that DC still honors the contribution of one of the most influential comic creators in the world. 

Will We See More Of Stan Lee’s Justice League? 

Stan Lee and Justice League

In DC’s Infinite Frontier, everything is canon and everything matters. So it’s a bold new direction that says that everyone’s version of their favorite characters exists in the DC multiverse. 

Is this an indication that Stan Lee’s Just Imagine heroes will play a significant role in Infinite Frontier? We don’t think so. But by acknowledging their presence DC has confirmed that Lee’s heroes do exist and we could see them come back for a future storyline. 

Now, it will be interesting to see the characters star in one shot or play even a small role in this huge multiversal tale. After all, we would love to see Stan Lee’s DC Comics’ creations make a little come back again into the pages and people’s minds. 

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